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INFORM Consumers Act reintroduced: collaboration versus mandatory action debate continues

The INFORM Consumers Act has been proposed as an amendment to the National Defence Authorisation Act. Our Saturday opinion reflects on the debate that has surrounded the bill.

24 September 2022

Rebuttal presumption of irreparable harm still alive when assessing trademark preliminary injunctions

The decision explains how district courts should apply the rebuttable presumption of irreparable harm created by the Trademark Modernisation Act 2020.

23 September 2022

Ukraine IPO releases annual report; Crocs settles Walmart suit; Google sued over Vizier brand name – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Egypt launching a national IP strategy, the IP Office of New Zealand updating its trademark practice guidelines, and much more.

23 September 2022

Failure to record trademark assignment supports dismissal

A written trademark assignment agreement presented as evidence of intent has been deemed insufficient to demonstrate ownership, leading to the dismissal of a coffee company’s infringement claim.

22 September 2022

Who’s filing metaverse trademarks and why: an IP expert explains

Trademark lawyer Michael Kondoudis provides insight from his algorithm for tracking NFT and metaverse trends.

19 September 2022

FTC seeks views on rules that could provide boost to fight against trademark scammers

The USPTO is currently fighting fraud on three fronts. Two recent developments could be set to provide a boost to the office’s efforts.

17 September 2022

Trademark Plus responds to complaints as Trustpilot blocks account

A representative for low-cost IP agency Trademark Plus has defended its operations in an exclusive interview with WTR.

16 September 2022

Advising clients on Web3 requires “practical knowledge” says BRANDIT CBO as firm unveils metaverse office

IP consultancy BRANDIT launched a metaverse office this week, with the firm’s chief business officer Lorenzo Litta revealing to WTR why, and how, it entered the virtual space.

16 September 2022

Mattel drops BARBIE-QUE dispute; Tarantino and Miramax settle; Starbucks launches Web3 experience – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Pakistan launching an investigation on counterfeit medicines, ICANN’s IPC calling for brand owner views, and much more.

16 September 2022

Seal of disapproval: TTAB refuses registration of county logos

A logo adopted by a government entity does not have to be “official” to constitute an insignia for which trademark registration is prohibited under Section 2(b) of the Trademark Act.

16 September 2022

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