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USPTO responds to concerns over ‘Trump leadership’ social media posts

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) faced an online backlash following social media messages, posted less than a week before the US election, praising President Donald Trump.

USPTO responds to concerns over ‘Trump leadership’ social media posts
Incoming trademark data indicates we are on track for a record year
30 Oct 2020

Incoming trademark data indicates we are on track for a record year

This week we provide our regular update on the extent of the coronavirus’ impact on the trademark ecosystem

Sony resolves PS5 trademark fight; Tiffany and LVMH end legal dispute; TPAC new member – news digest
30 Oct 2020

Sony resolves PS5 trademark fight; Tiffany and LVMH end legal dispute; TPAC new member – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at a ‘Why Brands Matter’ campaign launching, research revealing the brand risk of data breaches, Authentic Vision planning an expansion, and much more.


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29 Oct 2020

What the UK’s new GI approach means for EU and US trade agreements

While the EU's silence attempts to have the UK squirming, the new GIs place the UK in a favourable position with its non-EU allies. Read more

27 Oct 2020

Coca-Cola to discontinue 200 brands; hoax Woolworths causes stir; adidas mulls Reebok sale – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the boss of Kenya’s Anti-Counterfeit Authority departing following a fake number plate scandal, IP Australia launching a new quality approach, and much more. Read more

26 Oct 2020

WTR Brand Elite: exclusive data reveals computing and software companies suffered major share price drop in September

The WTR Brand Elite indices registered a two-point drop in the month ending 30 September 2020, driven largely by a significant share price drop among computing and software brands. Read more

26 Oct 2020

Still time to nominate for the 2021 WTR Industry Awards and WTR 300 projects

There is still time to nominate corporate trademark professionals for recognition at the WTR Industry Awards 2021 and in the next edition of WTR 300. Read more


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23 Oct 2020

Messi granted trademark in Colombia; Amazon counterfeit lawsuit; brands no longer fear Trump – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the NCPC and IPR Center teaming up to fight fake vapour products, the Brazilian IPO granting the first geographical indications to indigenous people, and much more. Read more

20 Oct 2020

Microsoft phishing problem; USPTO unveils acting chief policy officer; Danone brand review – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the co-founders of naming and shaming a trademark squatter, the cloud gaming industry on the cusp of IP growth, and much more. Read more

19 Oct 2020

Corsearch to acquire Marketly, integrates anti-piracy tools into brand protection offerings

Corsearch will officially announce the acquisition tomorrow, in what is another step by the service provider to broaden its offerings beyond the trademark sphere. Read more

16 Oct 2020

Korean IP Office counterfeit crackdown; Trump fakes memo; Trinidad and Tobago joins Madrid System – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Nestle beginning a water brands sale, the Pakistan IP Office publishing a list of prospective geographical indications, and much more. Read more

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22 Oct 2020

Intangible value of top 10 companies rebounds after covid-19 crash, with Apple leading the way

Brand Finance has released its latest Global Intangible Finance Tracker report, with Apple, Amazon and Saudi Aramco overtaking last year’s leader, Microsoft, on the list of companies boasting the highest level of intangible value. Read more

16 Oct 2020

Playboy trying to strike delicate balance as it returns to public markets

The company has pivoted from magazines to prioritise its licensing business. Yet, while it cashes in on these deals, it is simultaneously re-imagining the very brand that gave it its fame. Read more

16 Oct 2020

As Royal Enfield sets its sights on EU and US markets, will the Indian company revitalise the vintage UK brand?

If it can pull off the move, it will be a rare example of a heritage brand that went out of fashion in its original market, only to come back to life decades later. Read more

16 Oct 2020

Fighting counterfeits during a pandemic, monetising brands and picking external counsel – takeaways from the second week of WTR Connect

The highlights from the second week of WTR Connect include insight into the record-breaking filing levels in key Asia-Pacific jurisdictions, how Microsoft’s tech philosophy spurs the trademark department and strategies to bring down enforcement costs. Read more

Enforcement and Litigation

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26 Oct 2020

Eye Don’t: no counterfeiting without likelihood of confusion

The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has, for the first time, confirmed that the Lanham Act requires a likelihood of confusion in order for the trademark holder to prevail on a counterfeiting claim. Read more

15 Oct 2020

Innovation at WIPO: spotlight on alternative dispute resolution at IP offices

An exclusive guest post on how WIPO has been working with global IP offices to promote the advantages of alternative dispute resolution services. Read more

14 Oct 2020

eBay expands authenticity service to combat fakes: experts call for Amazon to follow

Brand protection experts praise eBay's new authentication service, but it should be expanded into other product sectors and additionally implemented on other major online retail platforms. Read more

13 Oct 2020

Coca-Cola brand purge continues; TikTok star in Nintendo trademark spat; EUIPO scam alert – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the US Department of Homeland Security investing in an anti-counterfeit blockchain start-up, a next-generation trademark status tool launching, and much more. Read more


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22 Oct 2020

US Supreme Court urged to rule on treatment of parody after Jack Daniel’s petition

If the court grants certiorari, it will once again be weighing in on a case that reconsiders how free speech interplays with commercial trademark rights. Read more

15 Oct 2020

USPTO commissioner reflects on a “rollercoaster” year in trademarks and plans for the future

David Gooder provides the inside track on the office's "rollercoaster" year for trademark filings, efforts to ensure the integrity of the register, planned fee increases and future financial planning. Read more

9 Oct 2020

Dispelling counterfeit myths, prioritising budgets, navigating political conflicts – WTR Connect week one takeaways

We present highlights and learnings from the first week of WTR Connect, including how to prioritise enforcement budgets, fight fakes on Weixin and navigate brands through turbulent political times. Read more

7 Oct 2020

“Exposure to scams is significant” – USPTO trademark commissioner expands on anti-fraud efforts

Over the next couple of weeks, we are hosting the inaugural WTR Connect virtual conference, and the opening keynote was presented yesterday by USPTO trademark commissioner David Gooder. Read more

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13 Oct 2020

Being an ally is not enough, we need to be accomplices too: a candid discussion on diversity in the IP profession

Industry leaders from Blue Cross Shield, Greenberg Traurig, Harley-Davidson Motor Company and Walt Disney hit home at last week’s WTR Connect with a frank talk on why the trademark industry still has a way to go to improve representation across the board. Read more

9 Oct 2020

China overtakes American brand owners to be largest source of trademark applications at the USPTO: data analysis

The unprecedented growth in filings from the Asian giant has many practitioners scratching their heads, so we’ve drilled into the data to provide a comprehensive picture of the situation. Read more

6 Oct 2020

Hugo Boss enforcement controversy; ICANN leadership selections; Idle Hands changes name – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Airbnb targeting a December IPO, OpSec launching an integration hub, a Philippines politician looking to crack down on counterfeit goods, and much more. Read more

29 Sep 2020

“PR risk is now part of the IP job” – the developing role of trademark practitioners in an age of hyper-criticism

Why trademark professionals must adapt and expand their skillset in response to a time of coronavirus, hyper-partisanship and cancel culture. Read more

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6 Oct 2020

China’s domestic filings show a country of brands unperturbed by US trade war

For the first time ever, Chinese filings have overtaken domestic US filings at the USPTO. Meanwhile, China’s domestic trademark growth also continues. Read more

2 Oct 2020

Madrid, trolls and legislative change: explaining the latest filing trends in Canada

Trademark applications in Canada are down in 2020 – but coronavirus is not the cause, as our exclusive data analysis reveals. Read more

2 Oct 2020

Daren Tang starts at WIPO; Clarivate completes CPA Global acquisition; LVMH sues Tiffany – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at William Hill accepting a $3.7 billion bid from Caesars Entertainment, Louis Vuitton being named the most-seized brand in South Korea, Antifa being largely absent on global trademark registers, and much more. Read more

29 Sep 2020

Amazon calls out Prime Bike; Denmark and India pledge IP cooperation; livestream fakes arrest – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Deliveroo mulling a 2021 IPO, Royal Mint launching new anti-counterfeiting measures, the EUIPO signing a cooperation agreement with an SME alliance, and much more. Read more


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8 Oct 2020

Presidential candidate domain traffic at risk of phishing scams, highlighting need for brands to review vulnerabilities

Over 90% of domains associated with the US presidential election candidates are at risk of potential redirection, disinformation and data theft. Read more

1 Oct 2020

Amazon expands Transparency in Asia-Pacific, provides update on counterfeit interceptions

Amazon has announced the expansion of its Transparency product serialisation service to Australia and Japan. Read more

30 Sep 2020

QAnon™ – the global efforts to trademark a far-right movement

New investigation finds trademark applications around the world related to the controversial QAnon movement, with one applicant revealing an ambitious plan to launch a global brand to “plant trees and save the oceans”. Read more

28 Sep 2020

Scams and spam: USPTO users face epidemic of spurious communications

Suspicious advertising and fraudulent invoice campaigns targeting US trademark owners once again appear to be a growing problem, with one victim claiming to have lost more than $30,000. Read more

Portfolio Management

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25 Sep 2020

US and China driving international trademark applications, but question mark looms over the pandemic's impact

This week’s data analysis tells you everything you need to know about international registrations trends over the years, and gives a first look at the 2020 state of play. Read more

24 Sep 2020

More than just the video: how Velcro’s trademark team is educating the world about genericism

More than many, Velcro has to fight to defend its brand name from the threat of genericism. Tish Berard discusses what she does to educate the public on the importance of brands. Read more

23 Sep 2020

Money saving tips, Asia top filers, UDRP review: WTR’s autumn edition now available

In a bumper edition we present budget management tips, reveal the top law firm and corporate filers in key jurisdictions across Asia, analyse the findings of our survey on non-legal trademark services, and much more. Read more

23 Sep 2020

Federal Circuit reveals a more colourful future for trademarks (for now)

A recent decision has created a new rule that colour marks used on product packaging can be inherently distinctive, although the bar is likely to be high. Read more

Trademark law

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23 Sep 2020

How to determine the best form of protection for a product’s appearance

Trade dress may be the go-to choice for protecting a product’s appearance or configuration, but other IP rights have plenty to offer. Read more

23 Sep 2020

Then and now: assessing Canadian practice one year into the new regime

With significant changes to the Canadian trademark system taking effect last year, analysis of the landscape 12 months on reveals some important emerging nuances in practice. Read more

16 Sep 2020

CBP seizure of ‘counterfeit’ AirPods shows the value of configuration marks

Despite OnePlus’s products being ostensibly genuine products, CBP would not release them, showing the potential value of registering configuration marks. Read more

31 Aug 2020

Five key takeaways from living a year with the new Canadian trademark system

Twelve months after significant trademark reforms took effect in Canada, analysis of the IP landscape highlights five important areas that brand owners have learned to navigate so far. Read more