Region: Nigeria

Significant increase in official fees introduced

Following an application by the registrar of trademarks, patents and designs, the federal minister of commerce has approved an upward review of the official fees for trademarks, patents and designs. The official fees have increased by 100% and, in some cases, by 400%.

29 October 2010

Premium domain names released

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association, the registry responsible for the '.ng' country-code top-level domain, has announced the release of third-level '' premium domain names. The list of premium domain names consists primarily of generic words. The aim is to "quickly populate the '.ng' registry and to make it affordable".

14 June 2010

Changes underway at the Trademarks Registry

A meeting between IP practitioners and Trademarks Registry staff was recently held to discuss how to ensure better service delivery and facilitate good working relationships between the registry and practitioners. Among other things, a committee was formed to look into the accreditation of firms and agents.

09 April 2010

Customs given new powers to fight counterfeiting

The Nigerian Customs Service, the government agency responsible for regulating the importation and exportation of goods into and from Nigeria, may now prevent the importation of counterfeit goods. According to Part 1, Schedule 4 of the new Common External Tariff, the importation of “all counterfeit/pirated materials or articles" is prohibited.

19 June 2009

New policy for registration of '.ng' domain names to be launched

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association, the registry responsible for the '.ng' country-code top-level domain, has introduced a new policy for the registration of '.ng' domain names. Under the new policy, the owner of a trademark which is registered under the Trademarks Law will be eligible to apply for the registration of a '.ng' domain name, whether or not it can demonstrate a business presence in Nigeria.

16 March 2009

Frequent publication of Trademarks Journal: unexpected problems

The Nigerian Trademarks and Patents Registry has published three <i>Trademarks Journals</i> so far this year, which represents an unprecedented achievement. However, as the register is administered manually, the more frequent publication of the journal has created unexpected problems for trademark owners, in particular with regard to oppositions.

25 November 2008

Omission of specification of goods in Trademarks Journal generates debate

The omission of the specification of the goods and services covered by the trademarks advertised in the last two issues of the <i>Trademarks Journal</i> has generated controversy in Nigeria. Among other things, the omission makes it more difficult for third parties to decide whether to oppose a particular trademark application.

29 September 2008

New bumper issue of Trademarks Journal released

The Nigerian Trademark and Patent Registry has released a new issue of the Trademarks Journal, which is the first to be published this year. Controversially, the new issue does not include the specification of the goods and services covered by the advertised trademarks. On the other hand, service marks applications have been published for the first time.

03 July 2008

Conference highlights challenges of IP rights enforcement

An IP session entitled "Enforcement of IP Rights in a Globalized Economy" was held on March 27 2008 during the Third Business Law Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association. Among other things, the chief judge of the Federal High Court stated that a lack of relevant case law and interpreters, and the limited effect of interlocutory orders hindered the enforcement of IP rights by the courts.

12 May 2008

Agreement reached on regulation of '.ng' ccTLD

The National Information Technology Development Agency has entered into an agreement with the Nigerian Internet Registration Association to regulate '.ng', Nigeria's country-code top-level domain. It is hoped that this development will help trademark owners to protect their rights.

25 February 2008

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