Region: Nigeria

Trademark Registry releases two more Trademark Journals

As the covid-19 pandemic continues to cause severe disruption to economies and businesses around the world, Nigeria’s Trademark Registry has defied the odds and released a record number of Trademark Journals.

25 November 2020

The new online trademark filing platform in Nigeria: more questions than answers

The upgrade of Nigeria’s online filing platform for trademark, patent and design applications, which was initiated in August 2020, has so far raised more issues and concerns than solutions for applicants.

05 October 2020

Enforcement in Africa: key qualities of a continent-wide brand protection strategy

WTR traverses the whole of Africa to provide brand owners with a comprehensive guide to brand protection across the region.

08 July 2020

New Trademarks Journal published amid covid-19 lockdown

Following the easing of the lockdown restrictions in certain parts of Nigeria, the Trademarks Registry published its latest Trademarks Journal on 29 May 2020. Despite this achievement, the covid-19 pandemic has underscored the urgency of fully embracing the electronic system.

24 June 2020

Impact of covid-19 lockdown on trademark practice in Nigeria

Nigeria’s main cities have been in lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic since 30 March 2020. The registry’s lack of action is creating uncertainties for trademark owners and applicants, and is likely to result in additional backlog once the lockdown is lifted.

28 April 2020

The race to become WIPO director general: exclusive interview with Nigerian nominee Adebambo Adewopo

WTR has reached out to the eight WIPO director general nominees to get the inside track on why they are the best candidate for the role. In the first of the series, we hear from Nigerian candidate Adebambo Adewopo.

12 February 2020

First Trademark Journals of 2020 released

The Nigerian Trademark Office has released two new Trademark Journals, marking the first journals to be released this year. The increase in such publications should help to deal with a backlog at the registry and put to rest various issues relating to the country’s first-to-file system.

11 February 2020

Good news for trademark owners and practitioners: new tribunal for opposition matters inaugurated

A new tribunal has recently been inaugurated with a view to accelerating opposition proceedings in Nigeria.

25 October 2019

Trademark licensing in Africa: an A-Z whistle-stop tour

With Africa proving to be a particularly lucrative region for brands seeking licensing opportunities, we examine what rights holders need to know about trademark licences from a swathe of nations across the continent.

01 October 2019

Trademark licensing in Africa: inside three key jurisdictions

With Africa proving a particularly lucrative region for brands seeking licensing opportunities, we examine what rights holders need to know about trademark licences in three key jurisdictions from across the continent

26 September 2019

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