Region: New Zealand

Middle-earth defeats LORD OF THE WINGS

Middle-earth Enterprises LLC - the owner of all trademark rights associated with JRR Tolkien’s novel The Lord of the Rings - successfully opposed the registration of LORD OF THE WINGS for Class 43 services.

16 February 2024

Do not delay challenging domain name registrations

A crucial factor in this case before the New Zealand Domain Name Commission what that the parties had been operating for almost 30 years under their respective brands.

13 October 2023

How one academic is adding to the debate over gender issues in intellectual property

Jessica Lai, associate professor at the Victoria University of Wellington, urges the legal profession to support academic efforts to better understand the challenges faced by women in IP.

05 October 2023

New research paper details challenges and bias facing women in IP

Interviews with women in Australia and New Zealand recounted an overwhelming number of negative experiences, although the participants in the study remain optimistic about the future.

07 September 2023

Invalidation case shows ‘bad faith’ is alive and well in New Zealand

The case demonstrates some of the risks associated with applying to register a third-party brand in the country.

05 September 2023

Opposition against registration of MÁNUKA HONEY succeeds

This decision may be relevant for IP lawyers interested in the protection and recognition afforded to the rights of indigenous people in any country.

07 June 2023

Influencers not so influential in trademark opposition

While the opponent was partially successful in its opposition against WOW COLOUR, the evidence relating to hair care influencers was insufficient to establish a reputation for COLOR WOW among the relevant consumers.

03 May 2023

Brand owners are reminded to get it right the first time in revocation actions

In New Zealand revocation proceedings, it is critical to take appropriate steps and lodge relevant evidence in the first instance.

26 April 2023

Trademark case demonstrates difference in evidence admissibility between Australia and New Zealand

This decision of the assistant commissioner shows just how difficult it is to lodge evidence ‘out of time’.

27 March 2023

Legislation and IP policy watch: the current state of play (January 2023)

WTR’s monthly column tracking trademark and related policy developments, including the progress of major bills, from around the world.

05 January 2023

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