Region: Netherlands

Harry Potter defeats Tanja Grotter in Dutch court

The Amsterdam District Court has blocked publication in the Netherlands of a Russian children's book that author JK Rowling said was too similar to her <i>Harry Potter</i> books. The court ruled that if released in the Netherlands, the story would violate registered copyrights and trademarks.

23 May 2003

Top-level domain names not only for Dutch

New regulations issued by the Foundation for Internet Domain Registration have taken effect. Now, applicants from all over the world, including private individuals, are able to register top-level country-code domain names. In addition, a system of alternative dispute resolution has been introduced.

02 April 2003

Dutch courts rule 'INTERMEDIAIR' marks are distinctive

In <i>Intermediair Uitzendbureau BV v VNU Business Publications BV</i>, the Court of Appeals for Arnhem has refused to invalidate trademarks registered by the defendant that include the word '<i>intermediair</i>' (meaning intermediary). The court held that although the word is descriptive, VNU's trademarks had become well known and distinctive through use.

23 January 2003

New rules allow foreign companies to register '.nl' names

The Dutch Foundation for Internet Domain Name Registration has announced changes to the regulations governing the registration of '.nl' names. The new rules are due to take effect by the end of the year and will, among other things, remove previous country-specific requirements.

16 October 2002

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