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Trademark procedures and strategies: Mexico

Featured in World Trademark Review Yearbook 2017/2018

The Industrial Property Law is the statute governing trademarks and other industrial property rights. The law comprises seven sections, the fourth of which is titled “Trademarks, Commercial Slogans and Trade Names”.

29 March 2017

Mexico: Expansion of domains in Mexico

Managing domain names involves maximising business opportunities while protecting against infringement. A clear internal domain name policy can help to reconcile these aims

01 March 2017

Implementation of opposition proceedings - an update almost six months on

On August 29 2016 opposition proceedings became available in Mexico. Almost six months on, this update considers how opposition proceedings have been implemented by IMPI. It is expected that the first trademark applications against which oppositions have been filed will receive a final resolution from IMPI by late 2017.

16 February 2017

Estimation of notoriety or fame by IMPI will help prevent registration of confusingly similar marks

Since the coming into force of the 2005 amendments to the Industrial Property Law, IMPI had stopped estimating the notoriety or fame of trademarks and relied only on declarations of notoriety or fame. However, IMPI has now begun to estimate the notoriety or fame of marks, alongside issuing such declarations. With this change, the estimation of notoriety or fame will become an important offensive weapon to prevent the registration of confusingly similar marks in all classes.

20 January 2017

Brand monetisation: an industry best practice guide

In October 2016 World Trademark Review convened a high-level leadership summit to discuss and strategise best practice for brand monetisation efforts. Here we present the key discussion points and takeaways

01 January 2017

Protecting and enforcing design rights: Mexico

Featured in Designs 2017: A Global Guide

In Mexico, the Industrial Property Law provides for the protection of industrial designs and grants the owner of a registered design the exclusive right to use or exploit the design. In this sense, additional protection can be provided by the Federal Copyright Law.

24 November 2016

Mexico: Recognising the difference: three ways to obtain well-known or famous status

Well-known and famous trademarks can take advantage of additional protection in Mexico – although evidence of this status must be provided for marks to benefit

01 November 2016

Procedures and strategies for pharmaceutical brands: Mexico

The exclusive right to a trademark is obtained through registration with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI). All visible signs can be protected, provided that they are sufficiently distinctive and can distinguish the goods or services to which they apply from others in the same class (Article 89 of the Industrial Property Law). Once Parliament has enacted the amendments required by the TPP, non-traditional trademarks will be recognised.

06 September 2016

Mexico: Staying the right side of fair

Most comparative and unfair advertising campaigns are designed to denigrate the quality or reputation of a competitor’s goods or services. Fortunately, remedies are available

01 September 2016

An IP marketing revolution? Changing attitudes to marketing in Latin American law firms

With an increasingly competitive IP legal market in Latin America, law firms are having to adapt and grow their marketing activity to stand out from the crowd. While little attention has been paid to marketing strategies in the past, today sees significant investment being made to effectively cut through the cluttered IP market. This week, the <i>WTR 1000</i> research team looks at how Latin American IP law firms, big and small, have evolved their marketing in recent years.

03 August 2016

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