Region: Mexico

Protecting your brand in Mexico – how to avoid the unexpected

Over the past two decades, Mexico’s enforcement framework has improved immeasurably, although challenges remain. Trademark owners should consider a number of strategies in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

01 March 2018

Mexico: Cat and mouse: how rights holders chase online infringers

The anonymity offered by the Internet is a significant lure for infringers. However, despite the online landscape being largely ungoverned, Mexican rights holders can still take steps to protect their intellectual property

01 January 2018

Mexico shows robust filing figures, as services overtake goods

In the first of a new regular magazine section focused on data-led trends we look at Mexico and how brands fare in the country, examining key filing statistics, top industries and the performance of the Mexican Trademark Office to determine areas of opportunity and risk

01 January 2018

Four years on – how Mexico stepped up to Madrid

It is now four years since Mexico officially ascended to the Madrid Protocol. We examine how local practitioners have been adapting to this new trademark ecosystem and see what common issues are arising

01 November 2017

Mexico: Make your product pop – but make sure it is well protected

Products need innovative strategies to stand out on shop shelves, especially in the food and beverage sector. While such marketing can increase sales, it also risks compromising trademark protection

01 November 2017

Mexico shows robust filing figures, as services overtake goods for first time: exclusive data analysis

In World Trademark Review’s latest country data report, we take a look at Mexico and how brands fare in the country.

20 October 2017

Mexico: The challenges of a first-to-file regime

While protection for unregistered marks is available, there is no substitution for registration. However, where marketing strategies result in a rights holder going into business without a registration, certain legal rights allow the mark owner to continue using its mark

01 September 2017

Mexico: Constitution provides solid basis for image rights regime

Publicity and image rights in Mexico are protected through different legal statutes, all based on the constitutional rights to privacy, freedom of speech and expression

01 July 2017

Procedures and strategies for anti-counterfeiting: Mexico

Featured in Anti-counterfeiting: A Global Guide 2017

Officers at Mexico’s 49 customs offices inspect the contents of containers with Mexico as their final destination in order to detect counterfeit merchandise. Because the authorities cannot commence proceedings against counterfeit goods, rights holders must file corresponding legal actions in order to obtain the seizure of illegal goods.

18 May 2017

Mexico: Securing trade dress against competition

While trade dress is not protected in Mexico, trademark and industrial design registrations can be used to demonstrate that unauthorised use of trade dress constitutes unfair competition

01 May 2017

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