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1 May 2019

OAPI: change is on the way

The African Intellectual Property Organisation’s recent changes to the Bangui Agreement are due to have a significant effect on trademark rights. Although the revised agreement is not yet in force, IP practitioners should start familiarising themselves with the new system Read more

4 Dec 2017

OAPI steps up efforts to expand scope of geographical indications across sub-Saharan Africa

OAPI has launched a new programme in an ongoing effort to introduce and expand geographical indications (GIs) across its 17 member states. This is the first major project from OAPI’s new director general.

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10 May 2013

Mali to follow in Tokelau's footsteps

Apparently inspired by the example of ‘.tk’, which is now the third largest ccTLD registry in the world, the Republic of Mali has also decided to launch free domain name registrations under the Mali ccTLD extension of ‘.ml’. However, there are serious concerns that the creation of another domain name space that is based upon free domain name registrations is likely to create additional problems.

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