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“Beirut will rise again” – exclusive interview with head of Lebanon IP office

In an exclusive guest post, representatives from Alyafi IP Group speak with the head of the IP Unit at Lebanon’s Ministry of Economy about recovery efforts at the agency following the recent devastating explosion in Beirut.

15 September 2020

Lebanon IP Office to reopen; GIs return to Brexit forefront; Mel Gibson brand dispute – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at TikTok hosting its first shoppable live-stream, Nestlé finding a buyer for its water business, a counterfeit Nintendo Switch entering the market, and much more.

01 September 2020


Featured in Anti-counterfeiting 2016 – A Global Guide

Lebanon is a parliamentary republic and a civil law jurisdiction. Its legal system is based on substantive and procedural codified laws.

27 April 2016

Establishing bona fide use in the Middle East and Africa

The <em class="Alright-italic">bona fide</em> use requirement in the Middle East and Africa differs significantly from that in the United States. We examine the different evidence that may be considered when challenging an applicant’s use in administrative or court proceedings

01 March 2016


Featured in Anti-counterfeiting 2015 – A Global Guide

The following are the main texts governing trademarks and service marks in Lebanon: High French Commissioner’s Ordinance 2385/LR of January 17 1924 (Sections 68 to 88 and 105 to 110); the Penal Code of March 1 1943 (Sections 701 to 721, which are consistent with Ordinance 2385/LR); Resolution 83/A/57 of January 29 1960 on the conditions required for a foreign trademark to be registered in Lebanon (ie, to establish a Lebanese industry or business); Resolution 392/A/244 of July 7 1960 relating to trademarks applied to products sold in Lebanon; Section 20 of Law 89/1991, modified by Law 707/2005, on duties and fees due to the publication of industrial designs, patents and literary and artistic property in the Official Gazette; the Copyright Law (75/1999); the Patent Law (240/2000); and the Consumer Protection Law 659/2005.

08 May 2015

Draft trademark law sent to Parliament

The Lebanese Ministry of Economy has sent a draft Law on the Protection of Industrial, Trade and Service Marks to the Lebanese Parliament. The draft law introduces fundamental changes in terms of the definition of 'trademarks', registration, cancellation and enforcement. Among other things, it proposes to change from a deposit system to a more substantive examination system.

09 July 2010

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