Scammer takedown: USPTO solicitation fraudster fined $4.5m and sentenced to prison

The US Department of Justice has announced a significant win in the fight against trademark solicitation scams, with a Latvian national sentenced to more than four years in prison for defrauding thousands of USPTO trademark registrants.

Scammer takedown: USPTO solicitation fraudster fined $4.5m and sentenced to prison
Latvian trademark environment returns to normal following explosion of Michael Gleissner activity
2 Sep 2021

Latvian trademark environment returns to normal following explosion of Michael Gleissner activity

After Latvia’s trademark sector was “transformed” by the activities of Michael Gleissner two years ago, experts reveal how normality is returning – and that up to 900 of the millionaire’s trademark registrations are up for auction.

What the rest of the world can learn from Latvia’s dealings with serial filer Michael Gleissner
8 Apr 2021

What the rest of the world can learn from Latvia’s dealings with serial filer Michael Gleissner

The long read: The voracious filing activities of entrepreneur Michael Gleissner have flummoxed IP experts around the world for years. A closer look at a series of courtroom battles in one European country could help to pull back the curtain.


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8 Apr 2021

Jurisdictional perspective: Latvia

The brand protection environment in Latvia has been fundamentally transformed by Gleissner’s filing activity. Petersona Patents – AAA Law trademark attorney Gunta Zarina explains more. Read more

17 Mar 2021

Gleissner trademark auction to go ahead: brand owners given chance to buy millionaire's Latvian marks

Over 900 registrations owned by "trademark troll" Michael Gleissner are set to be auctioned, with WTR exclusively compiling a list of the marks on offer and brand owners asked to express any interest in bidding within 30 days. Read more

8 Dec 2020

“A logical step” – Gleissner trademarks set to be auctioned in Latvia

In an unprecedented move, a Latvian court has ordered that trademarks owned by Grigorius Holdings SIA, an entity related to millionaire Michael Gleissner, be under prohibition – with an auction planned. Read more

17 Aug 2020

Innovation at the Latvian Patent Office: spotlight on non-core tools and services

In a new regular series, national IP offices share the innovative tools and services they have launched or are developing for the future. This week, we focus on innovation at the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia (LRPV). Read more


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10 Mar 2020

INTA postpones 2020 New York Conference; Gleissner defeated again; Redskins retired – news digest

In our latest round-up,  we look at the impact of the coronavirus on global trademark filing activity, an anti-Semitism letter sparking an IP row, INTA rolling out its Women’s LeadershIP initiative, and much more. Read more

Brand management

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28 Jan 2020

How Michael Gleissner transformed the trademark environment in Latvia

WTR reveals exclusive data on the controversial portfolio-building exercise of multi-millionaire entrepreneur Michael Gleissner in Latvia and speaks with local counsel on how this activity is causing hardship for a number of businesses forced into costly legal battles. Read more

29 Jan 2019

The Gleissner Files 2019: brand owners warned as IP office reveals staggering number of trademark applications

A major investigation by WTR can reveal that entrepreneur and serial trademark filer Michael Gleissner has stepped up his IP activity in recent months, with over 100 applications filed so far this year. Read more

Enforcement and Litigation

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20 Mar 2018

US Customs head confirmed, Latvia trims WHOIS data and trademark offers Cambridge Analytica clues: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at how a trademark scammer has rebranded, how a trademark may offer clues on the company that has hit headlines across the world, Cambridge Analytica, and much more.

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13 Dec 2016

Litigation procedures and strategies: Latvia

n Latvia, the legal framework for trademarks consists of international agreements, EU directives and regulations, and domestic laws and ordinances. Latvia is a party to all major international IP agreements, including the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property and the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.

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3 Feb 2011

IP provisions of Administrative Violations Code amended

Latvia has recently adopted a number of amendments to the provisions of the Administrative Violations Code that relate to the infringement of IP rights. Among other things, Article 166(17) of the code, which was previously limited to trademark infringement, now also includes provisions on design infringement.

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23 Apr 2003

Refusal of trademark cancellation correct, rules Supreme Court's Senate

The Senate of the Supreme Court of Latvia has upheld a Supreme Court
ruling rejecting an action to cancel the registration of the mark AAA BALTIC
SERVICE COMPANY for non-use. The senate held that the Supreme Court had not
erred in holding that the mark had been used in Latvia.

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14 Dec 2018

A small step and a giant leap for the Latvian Patent Office

Over the past year, creating a new legislative reality and increasing quality have been core focuses for the Latvian Patent Office. Read more


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18 Sep 2003

Aquatex complaint sunk by district court

In <i>Aquatex Baltija v SIA 'Juras vej&#154;'</i>, the District Court
for Riga has, for the first time, ruled on a conflict between a trademark and
a domain name. The court refused to order the cancellation of the defendant's
'' domain name holding that although the plaintiff owns a Latvian
registration for AQUATEX, the defendant registered its domain name before the
plaintiff registered its trademark.

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Portfolio Management

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4 Nov 2015

New act set to bring significant changes to IP proceedings

The new Industrial Property Institutions and Procedures Act will enter into force on January 1 2016, bringing some significant changes to IP procedures in the country. Among other things, the timeframe to reply to an opposition has been reduced from three to two months; moreover, appeal proceedings will no longer be dealt with within an administrative procedure, but will be subject to separate <I>de novo</I> civil court proceedings.

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26 Sep 2014

McDonald's invalidates registration of figurative MCAFE mark

The Board of Appeals of the Patent Office has held that the figurative mark MCAFE was invalid for “flour and preparations made from cereals, bread, pastry and confectionery; chocolate and chocolate products” in Class 30, “retail services of food products” in Class 35 and restaurant services in Class 43, finding that there was a likelihood of confusion with McDonald’s MCCAFE marks. However, the MCAFE mark is still valid for “retail services of alcoholic beverages and tobacco” in Class 35.

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23 Jun 2010

Opposition fails but LUNA dispute continues

The dispute between the owners of the trademarks LUNA and BLUNA is still ongoing before the Riga District Court. In 2008 the Board of Appeal had dismissed the plaintiffs' opposition against the registration of the mark LUNA, finding that there was no likelihood of confusion with BLUNA. However, the plaintiffs subsequently filed an action for the cancellation of the LUNA mark based on the same grounds as the failed opposition.

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24 Apr 2009

Opposition to registration of MONT BLANC for cigarettes goes up in smoke

The Supreme Court Senate has upheld a decision of the Riga District Court in which the latter had dismissed an opposition filed by Montblanc-Simplo GmbH, the owner of the well-known MONTBLANC marks for stationery, against the registration of the mark MONT BLANC for tobacco articles and cigarettes.

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Trademark law

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23 Jan 2007

NATURE'S PERFECT FORMULA finds right formula for registration

Following re-examination, the Latvian Patent and Trademark Office has
allowed the registration of the mark NATURE'S PERFECT FORMULA filed by perfume
and cosmetics manufacturer JSC Dzintars. The office agreed that the approach
used in the previous examination proceeding, whereby the examiner analyzed each
separate word making up the trademark rather than the mark as a whole, was incorrect.

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7 Dec 2005

THE OLYMPICS loses to OLIMPS in Latvia

The Board of Appeals of the Latvian Patent and Trademark Office has rejected
the International Olympic Committee's opposition against the registration of
the trademark OLIMPS filed by the Latvian company Cido P&#257rtikas Grupa. The board
concluded that the marks differ visually, phonetically, graphically and in meaning.
As a result, there was no likelihood of confusion.

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1 Sep 2005

Registration of mark similar to INN prohibited

The Board of Appeals of the Latvian Patent and Trademark Office has
upheld an opposition to the registration of the mark METAZIDIN in respect of
pharmaceutical preparations on the grounds that the name is very similar to
an international non-proprietary name for pharmaceutical substances.

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18 Mar 2005

ST JOHN'S applicant succeeds in crusade against provisional refusal

The Latvian Patent and Trademark Office has overturned its earlier
decision to refuse the registration of the mark ST JOHN'S for alcoholic beverages.
It rejected a provisional ruling that registration of a saint's name for such
goods breached public order and moral principles, basing its decision on, among
other things, a list of third-party marks registered for alcoholic beverages,
which also contain the names of saints.

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