Region: Latin America & Caribbean

New regulation on labelling of foods with a high sugar, saturated fat and trans fat content

A recent resolution issued by the Ministry of Popular Power for Health regulates the labelling of manufactured foods whose content is high in sugar, saturated fats and trans fats.

09 March 2023

Who are the IP industry’s icons? Help us to choose this year’s IP Hall of Fame inductees

WTR's our sister platform IAM has this week launched its annual search to identify outstanding individuals to induct into the IP Hall of Fame.

03 March 2023

Swift enforcement action against importer and distributor of counterfeit luxury goods sends strong message to infringers

This action sends a powerful signal to infringers in the luxury sector that the IP police possesses the means to carry out quick actions nationwide.

03 March 2023

Authorities seize counterfeit paint in Lima establishment amid political crisis

Amid the social unrest currently gripping the country, the authorities have seized a significant amount of counterfeit paint bearing well-known trademarks.

23 February 2023

Register Tracker Latin America: September-December 2022

Featured in Trademark register tracker

Colombia has bucked a growing trend in Latin America – as well as North America and Europe – of late, experiencing a significant rise in trademark filings at a time when numbers are largely dipping across the board.

20 February 2023

The social function of trademarks and their protection by state institutions

The social function of trademarks has been revealed - perhaps for the first time in Chile - in a recent case involving one of the country’s largest retail companies.

10 February 2023

Goya Foods Inc maintains its most popular trademark within the Andean region

Goya Foods Inc, a US producer of traditional Hispanic food, has obtained a victory – in the last judicial instance – in a non-use cancellation action against its trademark GOYA.

09 February 2023

Change on the horizon in Bermuda: what trademark professionals need to know

Caribbean and offshore trademark law expert and Ogier partner Sophie Peat considers some of the major brand protection changes that may be implemented in Bermuda.

06 February 2023

Why the wider economic situation is the primary concern for trademark teams – new WTR report now available

In a recent survey of our WTR elite panel (available today), the wider economic situation emerged as the top concern for their trademark teams.

06 February 2023

Meta and Iceland wins feature in Legal Updates from the Americas that you may have missed

To complete our latest series of Legal Updates that you may have missed, we highlight takeaways from decisions handed down in the Americas over the past few months.

03 February 2023

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