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New labelling requirements for foodstuffs and non-alcoholic beverages: what you need to know

Under the Act for the Promotion of Sustainable Nutrition, it is mandatory to include certain warnings on the packaging of foodstuffs and non-alcoholic beverages. The implementing regulation of the act has recently been passed.

11 April 2022

WTR Global Trademark Benchmarking: what is the current state of the industry?

Free survey is designed to give trademark practitioners the opportunity to share their opinion on the industry.

08 April 2022

WTR Industry Awards: the 2022 shortlisted teams and individuals unveiled

WTR is pleased to reveal the shortlist for the 2022 WTR Industry Awards, with corporate teams featured including those from Coty, Google, Meta, New Balance, Spotify, The LEGO Group and Unilever.

01 April 2022

Have your say on the state of the trademark industry

Trademark practitioners are invited to share their experience of the past 12 months and brand protection predictions for the future.

29 March 2022

WTR Brand Elite analysis: February 2022

Featured in Stock market performance

The WTR Brand Elite tumbled nine points in the month ending 28 February, hitting its lowest level in a year.

22 March 2022

Jamaica joins the Madrid Protocol: benefits and potential drawbacks

Jamaica’s use as a safe haven for ‘stealth’ filings may be affected by the upcoming changes in the local laws and practice.

02 March 2022

Sony successfully enforces trademark rights in case involving imported video game consoles and accessories

Multinational corporation Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc successfully demonstrated that the import of PlayStation 2, 3 and 4 video game consoles and accessories infringed its trademark rights.

28 February 2022

Sixteen key questions answered about Mexico’s cannabis brands landscape

Gloria Niembro and Arturo Revilla of Chevez Ruiz Zamarripa tackle the most pressing issues about cannabis-product trademarks in Mexico, a market set to go stratospheric if a new law allowing recreational use is passed

24 February 2022

Register Tracker South America: September-December 2021

Featured in Prosecution

The latest WTR register tracker examines filing trends in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico between September and December 2021.

21 February 2022

New mandatory precedent on evidence of use when asserting trade name rights

When seeking to assert the rights in a trade name, whether registered or not, its continuous use may be demonstrated only if a maximum of six months has elapsed between the most recent use and the date on which the right was intended to be asserted.

21 February 2022

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