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Register Tracker South America: January-April 2021

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We drill into the latest trademark trends and statistics for Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico

23 June 2021

Superior Court of Justice: no exclusive rights over prefix derived from active ingredient of medicine

In this dispute between pharmaceutical companies Takeda and Cimed, the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice held that prefixes referring to the active ingredients of medicines cannot be appropriated as trademarks.

22 June 2021

Exclusive roundtable – how three leading IP offices are stepping up their diversity, sustainability and accessibility agendas

The EUIPO, the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines and the Chilean National Institute share insights into what they are already doing to address diversity and inclusion within the workplace, while reducing their carbon footprints, along with how they plan to improve further.

17 June 2021

Peruvian Trademark Office: progress and plans for the future

Important achievements include the reduction of the timeframe for resolving cases and the successful implementation of digital tools, and current projects involve search tools using artificial intelligence.

14 June 2021

What are NFTs and how are they protected in Mexico?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have garnered much attention since digital artworks began selling for millions. However, it is unclear how these virtual assets can be protected. Experts consider the Mexican IP landscape and where NFTs fit in.

10 June 2021

Communication, CSR and canny digital presence help Corona retain title of ‘most valuable beer brand’

The newly published Brand Finance Alcoholic Drinks 2021 report reveals that the total value of the world’s top 50 most valuable beer brands has declined by 16%, from $94.9 billion to $80.2 billion, over the past year.

09 June 2021

Authorities seize fake fabric intended to be used for face masks

The Peruvian Police and the IP Prosecutor have conducted a huge raid against distributors of fabric rolls bearing well-known trademarks that were intended to be used to manufacture face masks.

07 June 2021

Tesla overtakes Apple in trademark furore; Madrid Protocol passed in Jamaica; GOOD YEAR well known in India – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the explosive increase in trademark applications in Chile, the appointment of a new president at the Licensing Executives Society International, and much more.

04 June 2021

Emerging threats and trends in online brand protection; share your insights

WTR is asking readers to share their experience of the online brand protection environment in the past 12 months, in an effort to identify how practice is evolving in response to emerging threats.

02 June 2021

Important modifications to the Industrial Property Law: what you need to know

The recently-approved amendments to the Chilean Industrial Property Law represent an important legislative milestone, with some of the changes - such as the introduction of non-use cancellation actions - having been on the table for years.

28 May 2021

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