Region: Latin America & Caribbean

Good news for Mercado Libre as appeal court rules on liability of e-commerce operators

Although this case involved an infringement under the Copyright Law, the findings of the court apply to the infringement of other IP rights.

17 May 2022

Good news for Lego as PTO finds that similar visual impression prevails over different word elements

The PTO found that the figurative marks JORGE TOY’S and PILCOMUNDO and the well-known figurative mark LEGO shared the same graphic elements, which created an almost identical visual impression.

11 May 2022

US IP attachés report to INTA on “bumpy” times for trademarks

The USPTO has a programme of diplomats who are intellectual property experts located in key spots around the world, providing information to stakeholders and helping them navigate foreign intellectual property systems.

05 May 2022

Trademark confusion: a latent risk even for specialised consumers

SENADI has found that there was a risk of confusion between the mark BIOVET and the earlier mark BIOVET (and design) for goods in Class 5, even among consumers who are specialised in these types of products.

05 May 2022

National Trademark Office changes approach to examination of competitive connection between Class 5 goods

The decision is significant as it considers the realities of the market for vaccines on the one hand, and for pharmaceutical products on the other.

04 May 2022

Corruption, First Amendment, stealth filings and more: five Legal Updates from the Americas and the Caribbean that you may have missed

To complete our series of instalments, we are looking at takeaways from decisions in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and the United States, and developments in Jamaica.

28 April 2022

Online anti-counterfeiting strategies in Uruguay that brand owners must be aware of

In the next instalment of our regular series identifying the digital marketplaces that brand owners should monitor as part of their global anti-counterfeiting efforts, we head to Uruguay.

25 April 2022

“Gaining positive momentum”: WIPO’s hope for Madrid expansion in Latin America after Chile accession

Following the recent announcement of Chile acceding to the Madrid Protocol, a WIPO representative has spoken to WTR about the organisation’s hopes for the future in the region.

22 April 2022

IP rights in Chile’s new Constitution: the debate goes on

There have been heated discussions concerning the issue of fundamental rights, including the right to property - which includes, in turn, IP rights.

22 April 2022

Major raid on fake mobile phone accessories store carried out in Lima shopping centre

Over 1,200 fake mobile phone accessories bearing brands such as Apple, LG, Samsung and Sony have been seized in a store located in an affluent part of the capital.

20 April 2022

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