Region: Laos

Lao Department of Intellectual Property issues country’s first trademark cancellation decision

The decisions constitute a significant development in cancellation proceedings in Laos, and will hopefully build momentum for other types of adversarial proceedings.

01 December 2022

Online marketplaces in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar that should be on counterfeit enforcement radars

Featured in Online marketplace counterfeit hotspots

In the latest instalment in our regular series identifying digital marketplaces that brand owners should monitor as part of global anti-counterfeiting efforts, we head to three nations in Southeast Asia.

04 October 2021

Panda Express lawsuit threat, BTS dispute resolved, and Philippines and Laos registry cooperation: news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the worst year on record for British retail, the Norway IPO warning of dodgy invoices, Romania implementing an upgrade to its design e-filing system, and much more.

10 January 2020

New law reforms Lao IP regime; opposition procedure introduced for the first time

The new Law on Intellectual Property, which was published on 25 May 2018, introduces an opposition procedure for the first time in Laos.

08 June 2018

New Laos IP law is a significant step forward for domestic and international brands

A new IP law will come into force in Laos this weekend, introducing trademark opposition procedures to the country for the first time. The new law has many other changes, including expanding the range of images eligible for trademark protection.

06 June 2018

Implementation of geographical indications: a boon for local producers and investors?

The MOST has, at long last, issued a Decision on the Implementation of Geographical Indications under the Law on Intellectual Property. The decision allows both local and foreign GIs to be registered in Laos, and outlines a number of matters concerning GIs that had not previously been included in the Law on Intellectual Property. This has sent a positive signal to investors, but it may be some time before local producers become aware of the potential boon that GIs offer.

08 February 2017

Multi-class trademark applications in Laos

Previously, the relevant trademark provisions in Laos provided for the filing of only a single application in a single class. These provisions were subsequently amended to allow for the registration of multi-class applications, an option that has now come into practice.

27 September 2016

Multi-class system for trademark registration in Lao PDR

In 2011, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic reformed and modernised its national IP law to accept a multi-class system and therefore conform to internationally recognised standards.

06 June 2016

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