Region: Japan

IP financing in Asia – why so few loans and what can we do about it?

In the second article of a four-part series, WTR investigates IP financing in Asia to find out why it is not more prevalent and how stakeholders are addressing the challenges.

20 May 2022

Honda launches 3D printing clampdown; Match Group wins court battle; China to regulate fonts – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at ICANN contributing $1 million to the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster, Bryan F Moore being named ITC administrative law judge, and much more.

22 April 2022

“Brand is the ultimate IP” – ASICS counsel urges Japanese companies to place more emphasis on proactive branding

In an interview with WTR, ASICS’ Koji Saito shares ways to raise global brand value.

20 April 2022

Treasury Wine on fake Penfolds bust; Japan seizures skyrocket; Com Laude and iaidō team up – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at China aiming to boost its number of IP professionals by 45% in three years, the second African GI being registered in the EU, and much more.

01 April 2022

Register Tracker Asia-Pacific: September-December 2021

Featured in Prosecution

The latest WTR register tracker examines filing trends in China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and South Korea between September and December 2021.

17 February 2022

USPTO enlists McGruff the Crime Dog; Lululemon fires back at Peloton; TMview reaches 100 million trademarks – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the Japan Patent Office holding an ‘AI x Trademarks’ competition, Zoom versus Zoom in Japan, and much more.

03 December 2021

Register Tracker Asia-Pacific: May-August 2021

Featured in Prosecution

Major Asia markets are faring better than Europe and North America from a trademark filings perspective.

29 October 2021


Featured in World Trademark Review Yearbook 2021/2022

The Trademark Act and its related regulations govern the registration and protection of trademarks in Japan.

29 July 2021

From Tokyo to Brisbane: inside the ever-evolving Olympic brand protection strategy

Jayne Durden, vice president, law firm strategy at Anaqua, reveals how the International Olympic Committee enforces the Olympic brand and what actions sponsors and advertisers should take through every stage of the Olympic cycle.

28 July 2021

Headlines suggest Toyota is shying away from Olympics, but reality is very different

In this week’s opinion column, we reflect on the news that Toyota is scaling back its promotional activity around the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

24 July 2021

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