Region: Italy

Italy ‘on track’ to implement Trademarks Directive

Italy is presently working on implementing EU Directive 2015/2436, aimed at harmonising the national rules on trademarks. The directive was published in December 2015 together with EU Regulation 2424/2015 on the Community trademark (now the EU trademark), which came into force on March 23.

03 June 2016

Court clarifies doctrine of trademark limitation by coexistence

The Court of Milan has addressed the relationship between the likelihood of confusion and consumers’ perception of the different messages linked to the RING and URBAN RING trademarks, and between the limitation by coexistence and trademark acquiescence doctrines.

29 April 2016

Italy: Registration is just one possibility

While it is relatively easy to obtain a registration for a non-traditional trademark in Italy, the examination of validity is then left to the enforcing judges

29 April 2016

Preliminary injunctions: a comparative global overview

Preliminary injunctions can be a valuable tool for rights holders, but they are not always straightforward to obtain. Lawyers from Hogan Lovells provide a comparative global overview of strategies for obtaining them in different jurisdictions

29 April 2016


Featured in Anti-counterfeiting 2016 – A Global Guide

Contrary to common belief, the Italian legislative instruments against IP infringement are quite efficient.

27 April 2016

BDO Italia and former partners of Mazars spa barred from using Mazars’ trademarks, software and trade secrets

A landmark Court of Milan decision has established a code of conduct that clearly distinguishes what is lawful and unlawful when auditors transfer as a group from one firm to another.

30 March 2016

Italy: Clearing the field of weak marks

With trademark registrations valid for 10 years and many existing marks on the register, it can be challenging to find and register an original trademark

01 March 2016

Protection of trademarks against use as keyword is relative

A recent Court of Milan decision confirms that the protection of trademarks against third-party use as keywords is always relative, never absolute. However, such use must never mislead consumers about the origin of the products or services or suggest an association between the trademark owner and the advertiser.

15 February 2016

Italy: Italian protection for geographical indications

Protection for geographical indications and designations of origin is highly effective in Italy, especially when it comes to collective trademarks

01 January 2016


Featured in Designs 2016: A Global Guide

In Italy, the appearance of a product as a design can be protected through either a registered or unregistered Community design, or a registered national design. National registrations can be applied for at the Italian Patents and Trademarks Office (Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi). The legal basis is provided in Articles 31 to 44 of the IP Code, which is fully harmonised with the EU Designs Directive (98/71/EC).

14 December 2015

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