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Italy: Alternative dispute resolution proceedings involving ‘.it’ domain names in 2016

There are now over 3 million ‘.it’ domain names, making it vital that disputes be resolved swiftly and cost effectively. A review of cases decided last year provides a snapshot of case law in this area

01 March 2017

Italian government launches multi-million euro allowance to support ‘historical trademarks’

The Italian Patent and Trademark Office has launched a tender for granting funds to support the “revival and economic exploitation” of Italian brands deemed to “represent a piece of history”. One commentator tells <i>World Trademark Review</i> that the move is “significant”, but questions whether certain parts of the fund will be necessary for companies that have been trading for over 50 years.

31 January 2017

Italy: Anti-counterfeiting raid nets organised criminals

A major operation organised by the Naples tax police in April 2016 resulted in 53 pre-trial detention orders against members of the Camorra – highlighting the concrete links between counterfeiting and organised crime

01 January 2017

Italy: European Union and Italy in alignment over protection of well-known marks

When it comes to the protection of well-known marks, Italy – which is home to some of the most famous design and fashion brands in the world – is in line with the European Union

01 November 2016

Precedent for resolving co-ownership of Italian trademark cases

In a recent family opposition dispute over the trademark LEGEA, the Italian Supreme Court has affirmed the provision that if an earlier trademark has been registered by several owners in co-ownership, such co-ownership will extend to all Community or international trademarks claiming the priority of the earlier trademark.

21 October 2016

Procedures and strategies for pharmaceutical brands: Italy

Pharmaceutical trademark owners face a variety of issues that are not seen in other sectors, including health regulatory requirements, linguistic marketing issues and political factors. Finding an effective and acceptable pharmaceutical brand name can thus be an intense and sometimes complex procedure.

06 September 2016

Italy: The interplay between comparative advertising and unfair competition law

While comparative advertising has a direct impact on competitors, misleading commercial communications may indirectly affect third parties’ products and image, resulting in a tort of unfair competition

01 September 2016

Latest Supreme Court decision in Fiorucci saga

The Supreme Court recently issued the latest decision in the ongoing saga between renowned Italian stylist Elio Fiorucci, who passed away last year, and the eponymous company which he founded.

26 July 2016

Barcelona and Neymar top football trademark rankings; high-flying Leicester need to shore up their defence

Research conducted by <i>World Trademark Review</i> reveals the leading trademark filers in the football world, with FC Barcelona, AC Milan and Manchester United topping the list. It also demonstrates that Leicester City – a team that shocked the football fraternity by winning the Premier League title two months ago – do not yet have a trademark portfolio that matches its newfound success; although a club spokesperson tells us that it has plans to change that.

07 July 2016

Italy: Is change afoot in Italy?

Recent opposition case law appears to indicate a change in the approach to the relevant public in relation to pharmaceutical products – but the reasons behind this new trend are not yet clear

01 July 2016

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