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Bologna Court orders defendant to cancel domain name registration and remove any link to that domain name

The Specialised IP Division of the Court of Bologna has issued a preliminary injunction enjoining a hotel from using the sign Hotel Ink 124 and the domain name '', as these were confusingly similar to the earlier registered mark INC HOTEL, owned by an Italian chain of hotels. The decision is remarkable in that the defendant must not only cancel the domain name registration, but also remove any link to that domain name on other websites.

24 November 2015

Italy: It’s a family thing – protecting a series of trademarks in Italy

There are a number of measures that rights holders should take in order to establish evidence of use for a set of trademarks which constitute a family

30 October 2015

Italy: The benefits of an adjustable regime

Bugnion SpAAccording to Italian law, licensing agreements may be revised to meet any of the parties’ special requirements and consequently trademarks can be fully exploited

01 September 2015

Important decisions strengthen protection of GIs

Two decisions - a decision of the Supreme Court of Cassation in a case involving the GI 'Felino' and a decision of the Court of Milan in a case involving the GI 'Emmentaler' - have further strengthened the protection of GIs in Italy. The decisions also highlight the importance of having the right defence strategy, since the respective outcomes largely depended on the claims presented by the parties.

01 July 2015

Italy: Creating coexistence in Italy

In Italy, there is still much debate as to the nature, scope and validity of coexistence agreements

01 July 2015


Featured in Anti-counterfeiting 2015 – A Global Guide

In 2014 Italy was removed from the Office of the US Trade Representative Watch List, which it had appeared on since 1989. Its removal was mainly due to a new regulation addressing copyright piracy on the Internet. Following the introduction of this administrative remedy, and contrary to common belief, the Italian legislative instruments against IP infringement are quite efficient.

08 May 2015

Italy: Opportunity and risk in the online environment

Bugnion SpAMarketing efforts around Expo 2015 in Milan highlight both the opportunities and risks that online activities present

01 May 2015

Courts reaffirm construction of design protection rules that is fully in line with EU law

In three recent court decisions, the Specialised IP Divisions of the Courts of Milan and Brescia have considered the protection of designs under Italian law. The Court of Milan decision is significant because it ruled on the highly disputed issue of the interpretation of the transitory rule for works created before protection for industrial designs through copyright was introduced.

02 March 2015

Italy: When the non-registered mark is the packaging

Bugnion SpAIt is important that companies consider the treatment of packaging as trademarks and designs

27 February 2015


Trademarks in Italy are regulated by the Industrial Property Code and its regulations, in which there are no specific rules governing pharmaceutical trademarks.

13 February 2015

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