Region: Italy

Court of Cassation provides guidance on limits of parody in Zorro dispute

The court held that, while the parodistic use of the Zorro character and trademarks was permissible under copyright law, it was unlawful under trademark law.

25 January 2023

“No justification”: study pushes back on proposals for EU GI domain name alert system

Study finds few domain disputes over GIs in the EU, CCTLD operators concerned about burden of proposed system.

20 January 2023

Court of Rome sides with Juventus in first European decision on use of trademarks in NFTs

The decision is particularly interesting in light of the future addition - from 1 January 2023 - of NFTs to the list of goods falling within Class 9.

30 November 2022

Juventus’ landmark NFT injunction paves the way for metaverse enforcement

Juventus FC has won a landmark ruling that could open the door for brands that take on unauthorised NFT creators.

17 November 2022

How a Giorgia Meloni administration could impact the trademark ecosystem in Italy

Following the Italian election victory of right-wing leader Giorgia Meloni, WTR spoke to leading attorneys in the country to identify the potential impact.

14 October 2022

Venice Court rules out lawfulness of forum shopping in trademark infringement cases

The Court of Venice has rejected an attempt at forum shopping made by insurance company Alleanza Assicurazioni within the context of a trademark infringement dispute with Coop Alleanza 3.0.

31 August 2022

Milan court admits parent company's liability for infringement and allows INDICAM’s participation in relevant trials

This landmark decision establishes the liability of the parent company, not only for the damages caused, but also for the restitution of the profits made by its subsidiaries.

05 August 2022

New dynamic injunctions issued in Italy

In a perfect example of dynamic injunctions as applied to the Internet, a Milan court has recently issued preliminary injunctions against a number of ISPs that provided mere conduit services used to broadcast live football matches.

09 December 2021

New rules for filing trademark applications and opposition procedures: key points highlighted

Ministerial Decree No 119/2021, which entered into force on 9 September 2021, amended the Implementing Regulations of the Industrial Property Code. This update reviews the key points of interest for trademark owners and practitioners.

06 October 2021

Provenance and heritage in the European Union: why we should preserve products of origin (guest op-ed)

Sebastiano Costalonga, municipal councillor for commerce and manufacturing and industrial activities of the city of Venice, calls on the European Union to ensure that its craft heritage is protected.

27 September 2021

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