Region: Israel

Colour trademarks: Tel Aviv District Court grants interim relief against combination of colours and graphics similar to that of Orange

In a decision devoted to the protection of colour trademarks, the court ruled that 018 Shop Ltd, a newcomer to the telecoms market, could not use a combination of colours and graphics similar to that used by global network brand Orange.

28 August 2019

How AI will revolutionise trademark searches

Researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel have looked at how advanced AI tools will transform the way in which trademark searches are conducted in the future – and, in an exclusive guest post, expand on what this means for trademark practitioners.

02 July 2019

ILPTO upholds registration of former Soviet trademarks for sweets

The Israel Patent and Trademark Office has considered an interesting dispute concerning several marks registered in the name of two major Russian confectionery manufacturers for sweets from the Soviet era.

21 May 2019

Procedures and strategies for anti-counterfeiting: Israel

Featured in Anti-counterfeiting: A Global Guide 2019

According to the Customs Ordinance, Customs is entitled to detain imported goods that are suspected of infringing trademarks. It is possible, although not mandatory, for rights holders to file a complaint while recording their registered trademarks with Customs.

14 May 2019

ILPTO allows only partial registration of CAL AUTO due to confusing similarity with major credit company’s CAL mark

The Israel Patent and Trademark Office has partially upheld an opposition filed by a major credit company, Israel Credit Cards Ltd (abbreviated in Hebrew as ‘CAL’), against an application for the registration of CAL AUTO.

28 January 2019

Four key relationships at the heart of Teva’s pharmaceutical trademark management – exclusive interview

Laurence Rickles, chief trademark counsel at Teva, provides tips for successful pharmaceuticals brand rights management, and the four relationships that success depends on.

17 January 2019

Protecting and enforcing design rights: Israel

Featured in Designs: A Global Guide 2019

A design will be considered new if an identical design, or a design that differs only in non-essential details, has not been made available to the public before its disclosure date.

08 January 2019

New design registration regime: what you need to know

The new Israeli Design Law recently came into effect, and the Ministry of Justice subsequently published draft new Design Regulations. This update reviews the key points concerning the filing, examination and registration process.

21 September 2018

Trademark procedures and strategies: Israel

Featured in World Trademark Review Yearbook 2019/2020

While the Trademark Ordinance predominantly provides protection for registered trademarks, it also protects unregistered well-known trademarks.

12 September 2018

“Don’t panic” – new entrants to Madrid Protocol give mixed feedback on their experience since accession

​​​​​​​Law firm practitioners in jurisdictions that have adopted the Madrid Protocol in recent years have shared their experience in an exclusive survey. While some praised the system, other were scathing about its impact.

24 July 2018

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