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Israel: New Practice Paper Indicates Increasingly Strict Stance Toward Descriptive and Non-Distinctive Marks

Featured in The Trademark Prosecution Review 2024

While any person or legal entity in Israel may obtain protection for its mark, there is an exhaustive list of marks that are not eligible for registration. The new Practice Paper aims to determine the distinctiveness of word marks and design marks.

27 October 2023

Israel: Civil enforcement and criminal prosecution fuel counterfeiting crackdown

Featured in Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: Global Guide 2023

Trademark litigation, remedies and dispute resolution form the backbone of the country’s sturdy civil anti-infringement strategy. Simultaneously, state prosecution of criminal counterfeiting and, increasingly, private criminal complaints are targeting a wider swath of bad actors.

29 September 2023

Well-known perfume companies dealt blow in ‘smell-alike’ case

Several well-known perfume companies - including Armani, Chloe, Hugo Boss, Lancôme and L'Oréal - have lost their trademark infringement case against an Israeli maker of ‘smell-alike’ perfumes.

04 September 2023

“A significant breakthrough”: landmark decision on retailer liability opens new avenues for brand owners in Israel

A landmark ruling in Israel could help rights holders seek greater compensation and sets a precedent for retailer liability in trademark infringement disputes.

15 June 2023

The BMX case: can a trademark registration be cancelled due to bad-faith use?

The decision highlights that the registrar has the authority to cancel a registered trademark due to use in bad faith based on the Paris Convention.

23 May 2023

‘hot.Israel’: ‘hot’ is not a generic term

The Israel Internet Association panel found that the word ‘hot’ in Hebrew characters is not generic, since the Hebrew transliteration of the word ‘hot’ does not have a dictionary definition.

14 February 2023

Israel: Trademark procedures and strategies

Featured in World Trademark Review Yearbook 2022/2023

Any person or legal entity may obtain protection for a mark in Israel. No power of attorney is required before filing, but one must be submitted to the Israeli Trademark Office (ITO) at a later stage. No notarisation or legalisation is required.

21 October 2022

Supreme Court: importation of Schweppes products from Ukraine infringes SCHWEPPES trademark

The Supreme Court has reversed a decision of the trial court and held that the importation of Schweppes products from Ukraine does not constitute parallel importation.

28 July 2022

CHEF LINE: descriptive or suggestive?

The IP adjudicator found that, while the mark CHEF LINE was inherently descriptive in relation to the goods and services at issue, it had acquired distinctive character through use.

12 July 2022

Israel: raids can be a useful tool but questions remain over where seized goods should be stored

Featured in Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: Global Guide 2022

Conducting a police raid is a relatively inexpensive procedure. It can significantly deter potential counterfeiters since criminal proceedings may be initiated by the state against the infringers.

15 April 2022

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