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“We are often betting on the future”: ResMed’s approach to IP protection and business collaboration

ResMed’s Michael Pinczuk and Keira Moore tell WTR how the patent and trademark teams collaborate for success.

27 July 2022

Vetnique Labs partially successful in revocation action against GLANDEX mark

The controller referred to several decisions of the CJEU - including ANSUL and LA MER - setting out the requirements to establish genuine use of a mark insofar as revocation proceedings are concerned.

31 January 2022

Owner of THERMACOTE mark fails to prevent registration of DULUX TRADE TERMACOAT+

Therma-Cote Inc, the owner of the EUTM THERMACOTE for paints and varnishes, has been unsuccessful in its attempt to oppose the registration of DULUX TRADE TERMACOAT+ for identical or similar goods.

25 September 2020

Ireland Patent Firm of the Year: Whitney Moore

Featured in The Global IP Awards: Key Insights from IP Leaders 2020

30 March 2020

How to prove use without invoices – lessons from BIG MAC decision

Any evidence of genuine use is likely to include invoices for products bearing the relevant mark, but what if there are no invoices? The recent BIG MAC case provides useful guidance on which alternative types of evidence are viewed most favourably by the courts and IP offices, and how best to present these.

24 December 2019

Plain packaging fireworks, Facebook fishing for phishers, and Irish Whiskey in Taiwan: news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Mauritius considering introducing the international exhaustion of trademark rights, 6,000 counterfeit products seized in China, Conor McGregor’s latest trademark fight, and much more.

01 November 2019

WESTLAKE trademark registration partly revoked

In revocation proceedings involving the mark WESTLAKE, the hearing officer in Ireland has referred to the discussion of the term ‘genuine use’ by the Court of Justice of the European Union in Ansul, La Mer, Silberquelle and Sunrider.

02 October 2019

Sky’s opposition maintained against Skyworth Group Company Limited’s application to register SKYWORTH

The hearing officer has upheld an opposition by Sky International AG against Skyworth Group Company Limited’s application to register SKYWORTH for goods in Class 9 in Ireland.

20 September 2019

Brexit fraud, an uncertain future for GIs and law firm technology – takeaways from MARQUES 2019

As hundreds of trademark practitioners descend on Dublin this week to attend the 2019 MARQUES Annual Conference, we provide key learnings from one of the biggest trademark events of the year.

20 September 2019

Return of the Supermac’s: Irish chain delivers another blow to McDonald’s

The EUIPO has partially invalidated McDonald’s EU trademarks for the ‘Mc’ prefix. As with the recent BIG MAC decision, McDonald’s was deemed to have submitted insufficient evidence to claim use for the disputed marks.

07 August 2019

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