Region: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Google victorious in Iranian domain name dispute

Google has obtained the transfer of the domain names ‘’ and ‘’, which had been registered by the same individual.

04 June 2020

Online infringement of American company’s trademark results in imprisonment of Iranian infringer

The Criminal Court of Tehran has sentenced an Iranian scientist to one year of imprisonment for infringement of the American Iron and Steel Institute’s trademarks.

23 September 2019

Domestic trademark filings propel growth in Iran, although international demand stutters

Iran's trademark activity has been spurred on by residential filings, with international companies keeping a distance, according to our exclusive data analysis.

18 January 2019

China drives global trademark registrations to new heights; challenges persist for brands

Newly released statistics from WIPO have revealed that 2017 was a record-breaking year in terms of trademark applications, spurred by massive growth in China – which is set to break the 8 million application barrier.

04 December 2018

United States slides, Germany continues to rule: counsel rate court systems across the globe

Despite being key litigation battlegrounds, counsel confidence in the court systems of China and the United States remains shaky.

12 April 2018

Customs concerns: counsel identify significant room for improvement in India, Iran and Turkey

Trademark counsel have had their say on the efficiency of customs authorities across the globe – with some of the largest importers of counterfeit goods giving cause for continued concern.

11 April 2018

Trademark offices prepare for the future as users give poor performance grades

The performance levels of the Chinese, Brazilian and Indian trademark offices have clear room for improvement but change could be afoot.

06 April 2018

Trademark enforcement in Iran: opportunities and hurdles

While brand owners’ interest in Iran has increased since international sanctions were lifted in 2015, there has also been a corresponding spike in IP challenges

01 March 2017

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