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IP taskforce steps up to the plate

After nearly three years of virtual silence, a government taskforce is set to shake up the IP world in Indonesia with a promising programme to change the country's reputation of being soft on intellectual property. High on the taskforce’s list is improving cooperation between the various government agencies that are responsible for enforcing IP rights.

04 February 2010

IP legislation revamp back on track

After almost a year’s delay, the Indonesian government’s long-anticipated overhaul of the IP laws is back on track. The director general of IP rights is expected to finalize his proposed changes to the Trademark Law before shifting his attention to patent, design and copyright laws. One of the director general's top priorities is to improve speed and efficiency at the IP Office and the Commercial Court.

11 December 2009

Brand owners to benefit from clampdown on corruption in Indonesia

Brand owners are rapidly recognizing the potential for investment in the Indonesian market, buoyed by greater confidence in the IP protection regime. The corruption that plagued the IP office for years is now largely eliminated, according to a top trademark practitioner in the region.

11 September 2009

Multi-class trademark applications now accepted in Indonesia

As of March 16 2007 the Indonesian Trademarks Office has been accepting multi-class trademark applications. One application can now cover up to three classes and only one set of documentation is required. However, depending on the particular classes selected, an application covering three classes may need to be considered by three separate teams of examiners, which may delay the process.

23 March 2007

New team steps up to tackle IP rights enforcement

The president has issued a decree empowering a national team to coordinate with other relevant institutions to deal with IP rights infringements in Indonesia. The team is directly responsible to the president and must furnish a written progress report every six months or whenever required by the president.

19 May 2006

Draft counterfeiting regulation proposes strict import/export restrictions

The Indonesian Supreme Court is considering a draft implementing regulation on the control of imported or exported products that violate IP rights. The draft gives more definite authority to the Directorate General of Customs and Excise to suspend the importation or exportation of counterfeit products in certain circumstances.

23 June 2004

Novelty examination aims to reduce abusive design registrations

The Design Office has taken an important step towards minimizing abuse of the design registration system with the introduction of a basic novelty examination. The absence of any substantive examination of design applications up until now has led to the registration of many non-novel designs, and created a system that is open to abuse.

01 June 2004

Davidoff obtains deletion of local DAVIDOFF mark

In a case opposing the licensee of Swiss company Davidoff and Indonesian Company Sumatra Tobacco, the Supreme Court has ordered the deletion of Sumatra Tobacco's DAVIDOFF trademark for cigarettes. It found that the Indonesian company's mark misled consumers as to the origin of its products and was not well known, unlike the Swiss company's mark.

21 October 2003

Former general manager gets jail term for cybersquatting

The Supreme Court has sentenced Tjandra Sugiono, the former general manager of PT Martina Berto, a local cosmetics company, to four months in prison for having registered and used the domain name '' in bad faith. PT Mustika Ratu is Martina Berto's main competitor.

08 July 2003

Local company retains DAVIDOFF mark despite minimal use

In <i>Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH v NV Sumatra Tobacco Trading Company</i>, Swiss company Davidoff has lost its fight to have an Indonesian company's registration of DAVIDOFF deleted. The court found that although the local company had produced just 150 branded cigarettes, the mark could not be deleted on the grounds of non-use.

22 April 2003

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