Region: Indonesia

Online platform for trademark renewal remains a work in progress

The Indonesian Directorate General of Intellectual Property has officially launched an online platform for trademark renewals. This follows the launch of its e-filing system for copyright recordation in September 2014.

18 February 2016

Own name defence: a global perspective

In many countries people or even companies have a defence to trademark infringement when using their own names. In this article Baker & McKenzie’s global IP team outlines where an own name defence exists and whether this extends to company names

01 January 2016

Foreign company successfully opposes application based on unregistered trademark

Indonesia is a 'first-to-file' country and, under Article 3 of the Trademark Law, unregistered trademarks do not benefit from any protection. However, in a case that may signal a departure from established practice, Luckytex (Thailand) Public Company Limited has successfully opposed the application for LUCK-TEX, even though its LUCKYTEX mark had not been registered or used in Indonesia.

03 December 2015

Netflix case sets precedent for new domain name arbitration procedure

A dispute over the domain name ‘’ has set a clear precedent for Indonesia's new domain name arbitration procedure. The arbitrator decided in favour of Netflix Inc, the US trademark owner, on the basis of its prior trademark registration, and ordered the domain name to be transferred to Netflix.

29 June 2015

DGIPR launches new IP database

The Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights has launched its new integrated Intellectual Property Data and Information Service System, which includes patent, trademark and industrial design data. Among other things, the database includes registered, renewed, pending, expired, cancelled, deleted, withdrawn and rejected trademarks, collective marks and service marks.

13 May 2015

New battlefront opens in KOPITIAM wars

In the longstanding wars over the KOPITIAM mark (which means ‘coffee shop’), a new case between the operator of the Lau's Kopitiam café and the owner of dozens of registrations for KOPITIAM has been decided in the Supreme Court. The court found that the marks KOPITIAM and LAU'S KOPITIAM were similar, but did not address the descriptiveness/genericness issue.

29 April 2015

Trademark Bill prioritised by House of Representatives

The Indonesian House of Representatives has declared that 37 key bills would be prioritised for deliberation in 2015, including the Trademark and Patent Bills. The Trademark Bill is particularly significant, as it will include an introduction to non-traditional trademarks and the Madrid Protocol.

04 March 2015

Official fees increase

Indonesia has issued a new regulation increasing trademark costs. Among other things, the new regulation states that the application fee of Rp1 million (just under $100) now covers only up to 10 items in the specification for each class. For each additional 10 items, another identical fee is now charged.

15 July 2014

Proposed amendments to Trademark Law introduced

The Indonesian Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights is currently revising the trademark law and implementing regulations to improve its services and provide greater legal certainty for trademark owners. The primary reasons for revising the law are to foster fair competition, provide broader protection for trademark owners, simplify the procedures for trademark registration and ensure compliance with international conventions.

02 June 2014

Shorter '.id' domain names introduced

PANDI, the registry responsible for ‘.id’ domain names, has announced that the registration of domain names directly under the ‘.id’ top-level domain is now available. The release of ‘.id’ domain names will be in three phases. During the sunrise period, which runs from January 20 2014 to April 17 2014, holders of Indonesian trademarks are eligible to apply for the corresponding term under ‘.id’.

13 February 2014

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