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Snapdeal v GoDaddy: Delhi High Court has its say on registrar intermediary liability

The Delhi High Court has handed down a ruling that brings clarity to the issue of intermediary liability for domain name registrars in trademark infringement cases. .

29 April 2022

Bulgari successfully prevents rival from using similar mark for jewellery, but fails to make prima facie case of design infringement

High-end jewellery company Bulgari has obtained mixed results in its dispute with Indian rival Notandas Gems Pvt Ltd over the SERPENTI/SERPENTINE marks.

21 April 2022

India: counterfeiting remains a serious concern in both physical and online markets

Featured in Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: Global Guide 2022

Like the covid-19 virus, with every countermeasure, trade in counterfeit products mutates and poses new challenges.

15 April 2022

Heavy costs imposed on plaintiff for making fanciful claims

In this dispute between Jayant Industries, represented by its proprietor Janvi, and Indian Tobacco Company over the trademark CLASSIC, the court came down heavily upon Janvi, finding that the entire proceeding was nothing short of an abuse of process.

25 March 2022

Supreme Court clarifies that likelihood of confusion is to be presumed in infringement actions involving double identity

It is not necessary to establish whether the plaintiff’s mark has a reputation and whether the infringement is likely to cause confusion where the parties’ marks and the goods/services at issue are identical.

07 March 2022

“This is the time to calibrate IP adjudication in India”: high-level gathering expands on disputes environment

India’s first-ever National Seminar on the Adjudication of IP Rights Disputes took place this weekend, with updates on the Delhi High Court’s IP Division and a high-level rallying cry that “this is the time to calibrate IP adjudication across the country”.

28 February 2022

Register Tracker Asia-Pacific: September-December 2021

Featured in Prosecution

The latest WTR register tracker examines filing trends in China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and South Korea between September and December 2021.

17 February 2022

Miniatures and IP: an evolving environment where ambiguity should be ended

While the creation and sale of miniatures is booming, Vasundhara Shanker of Verum Legal and ZeusIP Advocates’ Mudit Kaushik argue that there are still questions about related IP protection and use.

14 February 2022

Delhi High Court passes yet another John Doe order protecting New Balance against misrepresentation of its well-known marks

The Delhi High Court restrained the defendants from using any mark similar to the NB/NEW BALANCE marks and from infringing copyright in New Balance’s website.

31 January 2022

Everything you need to know about trademarks in India in 2021

Last year was an exciting one for trademarks in India, with the abolition of the IP Appellate Board signalling a sea change in how trademarks are treated. Shailendra Bhandare and Sourav Dan of Khaitan & Co give their on-the-ground take of a significant 12 months.

27 January 2022

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