Region: Iceland

Refusal of application for RING upheld on appeal

The Icelandic Board of Appeal has confirmed the partial refusal of the application for the mark RING on the ground that it was descriptive of certain goods in Class 9, including doorbells.

15 June 2021

Board of Appeal confirms lack of likelihood of confusion between FASHION TV marks

The Board of Appeal has upheld a decision of the Icelandic Intellectual Property Office finding that there was no risk of confusion between two word-and-design marks containing the word element ‘fashion tv’.

23 February 2021

Board of Appeal refuses to register UMAMI for food and drink goods and services

The Board of Appeal has overturned a decision of the Icelandic IP Office finding that the mark UMAMI - a Japanese word for what has come to be known as the fifth taste - was distinctive for food and drink-related goods and services.

19 October 2020

Board of Appeal decision highlights difficulty of proving that mark has become generic

This decision of the Icelandic Board of Appeal emphasises the strict requirements for proving the alleged degeneration of a registered trademark under the relevant provisions of the Trademarks Act.

08 July 2020

Supreme Court confirms revocation of TOPPÍS in ice cream war

In the long-running dispute between ice cream manufacturers Emmessís ehf and Kjörís ehf, the Supreme Court of Iceland has upheld a First Appeal Court decision ordering the revocation of Kjörís ehf’s mark TOPPÍS for goods in Class 30.

12 February 2020

ISIPO considers 'legitimate interests' condition under Article 30(a) of the Trademarks Act

The Icelandic Intellectual Property Office has dismissed a claim for the cancellation of the mark LJÓSLEIÐARINN on the ground that the claimant had not met the ‘legitimate interests’ condition under Article 30(a) of the Trademarks Act.

08 November 2019

Procedures and strategies for pharmaceutical brands: Iceland

Featured in Pharmaceutical Trademarks: A Global Guide 2020/2021

The parallel import of pharmaceutical products is permitted under Icelandic trademark law, provided that the product has been put on the market in the EEA by or with the consent of the trademark owner.

01 September 2019

Appeal court confirms cancellation of TOPPÍS mark in long-running ice-cream war

A ruling from the First Appeal Court of Iceland cancelling the trademark TOPPÍS brings to an end a years-long dispute between two manufacturers of ice cream.

09 July 2019

Patent Office rejects WHEN IN ICELAND opposition

A recent Icelandic Patent Office decision serves as a useful reminder that the evaluation of similarity as set out in the Trademarks Act should always involve a nuanced comparison of the marks.

20 March 2019

Italian consortium prevents registration of EMILIANA by Chilean wine producer

Iceland’s Patent Office has upheld an opposition filed by Consorzio Tutela Vini Emilia – the Italian association for the protection of the GI ‘Emilia’ for wine – against the registration of EMILIANA by a Chilean wine producer.

28 November 2018

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