Region: Iceland

APPSTREAM refusal upheld on appeal

In a blow to Amazon Technologies, the Board of Appeal has agreed with the ISIPO that the word mark APPSTREAM lacked distinctive character for certain services in Class 42.

06 July 2022

Board of Appeal confirms refusal of mark consisting of basic shape

The Board of Appeal agreed with the ISIPO that a figurative trademark consisting of a rectangle with a thick, green outline lacked distinctive character.

03 March 2022

Board of Appeal confirms ex officio ISIPO refusal of pharma mark

The refusal of pharmaceutical company Alvogen’s appeal highlights the importance of the principle of interdependence in the assessment of the likelihood of conclusion.

06 December 2021

“Enormous significance” – Swiss Enforcement weighs in on importance of Iceland v Iceland

In an exclusive interview, Swiss Enforcement managing director David Stärkle reveals why the Iceland dispute at the EUIPO is important for the broader trademark ecosystem.

19 October 2021

INTA’s Iceland case amicus brief throws the spotlight on the registrability of country names as trademarks

In our latest Saturday opinion column, we scrutinise the amicus brief submitted by INTA on the registrability of country names as trademarks.

10 July 2021

Refusal of application for RING upheld on appeal

The Icelandic Board of Appeal has confirmed the partial refusal of the application for the mark RING on the ground that it was descriptive of certain goods in Class 9, including doorbells.

15 June 2021

Board of Appeal confirms lack of likelihood of confusion between FASHION TV marks

The Board of Appeal has upheld a decision of the Icelandic Intellectual Property Office finding that there was no risk of confusion between two word-and-design marks containing the word element ‘fashion tv’.

23 February 2021

Board of Appeal refuses to register UMAMI for food and drink goods and services

The Board of Appeal has overturned a decision of the Icelandic IP Office finding that the mark UMAMI - a Japanese word for what has come to be known as the fifth taste - was distinctive for food and drink-related goods and services.

19 October 2020

Board of Appeal decision highlights difficulty of proving that mark has become generic

This decision of the Icelandic Board of Appeal emphasises the strict requirements for proving the alleged degeneration of a registered trademark under the relevant provisions of the Trademarks Act.

08 July 2020

Supreme Court confirms revocation of TOPPÍS in ice cream war

In the long-running dispute between ice cream manufacturers Emmessís ehf and Kjörís ehf, the Supreme Court of Iceland has upheld a First Appeal Court decision ordering the revocation of Kjörís ehf’s mark TOPPÍS for goods in Class 30.

12 February 2020

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