Region: Greece

Clean sweep for Dettol in misleading advertising cases

In cases involving advertisements for Reckitt Benckiser's Dettol spray and liquid soap, and Unilever's Klinex bleach and bleach spray, the Council for the Regulation of Communications has ruled mostly in favour of Reckitt Benckiser. A petition for a preliminary injunction against Reckitt Benckiser was dismissed by the civil court.

12 January 2010

Risk of association between adidas’s three stripes and four-stripe STRIKE mark

The Administrative Court of Appeal of Athens has held that a trademark consisting of four parallel stripes and the word 'strike' was sufficiently similar to adidas’s famous three-stripe mark to cause a risk of association in the mind of consumers. The decision appears to be based on a remarkably wide interpretation of the concept of 'association'.

24 November 2009

Napoleon is not a national emblem of France, says Council of State

The Greek Council of State has held that Napoleon could not be regarded as a national emblem of France under the Trademarks Act and the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. The case involved a trademark containing an image of Napoleon holding a toilet roll for, among other things, toilet paper.

02 November 2009

IP Enforcement Directive still not implemented across European Union

Greece has still not implemented the directive that aimed to harmonize the enforcement of IP rights across the European Union over three years since the implementation deadline passed.

29 September 2009

Google obtains cancellation of ''

The National Telecommunications and Post Committee, the authority responsible for the administration of domain names in Greece, has ordered the cancellation of the domain name ''. The committee found that Edmunds Gaidis, who owned other 'igoogle' domain names in various countries, had registered '' in bad faith.

17 April 2009

Owner of famous Mouyer shoe shops stomps on rival

A Greek court has granted a petition filed by Stam Mouyer SA, the owner of a well-known chain of children’s shoe shops, for an injunction preventing I Mouyer LLC from using the word 'mouyer' as a trademark. Among other things, the court held that Stam Mouyer had rights in the unregistered trademark MOUYER.

03 March 2009

Carrefour’s rights in CHAMPION mark confirmed

The Administrative Court of First Instance of Athens has granted Carrefour’s application for the registration of the trademark CHAMPION for goods in Classes 3, 30 and 31, and ordered the cancellation of Champion Products Europe Limited’s CHAMPION mark. Among other things, the court held that Champion had failed to provide sufficient evidence of the circulation of its products in Greece.

08 December 2008

‘’ cancelled on grounds of bad faith

The National Telecommunications and Post Committee, the authority responsible for the administration of '.gr' domain names, has ordered the cancellation of the domain name '' on the grounds that it had been registered in bad faith. Among other things, the committee rejected the registrant's argument that the domain name consisted of the first three letters of the Greek region of <i>Αχαΐα</i>.

16 October 2008

Owner of CAMPER mark wins out at highest administrative court

Following a legal battle spanning almost eight years, the Council of State has reversed a decision of the Court of Appeals and ruled in favour of Camper SL, the owner of the CAMPER mark. Among other things, the council held that the lower court had erred in finding that the CAMPER mark was not well known in Greece at the time of the application for the registration of the CAMBER mark.

10 July 2008

Honda Engine Case remanded for retrial

The Supreme Civil Court has remanded to the Court of Appeals a case involving the alleged infringement of the configuration of Honda Motors Co Ltd's GX160 engine based only on rights acquired through use. The Supreme Court delivered a thorough analysis of rights acquired through use in Greece.

22 February 2008

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