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Unregistered signs can constitute relative grounds for refusal and are protected under Articles 13 to 15 of the Law on Unfair Competition. In particular, protection is offered to signs that are deemed to have become a distinguishing feature of the goods or services that they cover.

18 September 2015

Distributor of Heineken beer entitled to use 'Green' nickname

In <I>Panathinakes Editions v Athenian Brewery</I>, the Athens District Court has held that Athenian Brewery - the Greek manufacturer and distributor of Heineken beer - was entitled to sell Heineken beer under the name '<I>Prasini</I>' ('green'), taking into account that '<I>Prasini</I>' is the nickname of Heineken beer in Greece. Panathinakes Editions, the publisher of the newspaper <I>I Prasini</I> and licensee of the mark I PRASINI EFHMERIDA, sought an injunction against the brewery.

14 May 2015


Featured in Anti-counterfeiting 2015 – A Global Guide

Most counterfeit goods are imported by sea from Asia – mainly China – and transit through Greece for sale in the Balkan and central European countries. Another transit corridor is through the port of Piraeus with a destination of Libya, from where counterfeits move on to sub-Saharan Africa. Further, a large number of counterfeits enter Greece from neighbouring Turkey across the border in trucks, small vans and tourist buses, as well as by sea to the islands.

08 May 2015

e-filing for trademarks and designs implemented; 'Hellenic mark' launched

The Trademark Office has implemented e-filing for trademarks, a tool developed within the framework of the Cooperation Fund in collaboration with OHIM. In addition, the 'Hellenic trademark' - a quality trademark restricted to products and services of Greek origin - has recently been launched.

10 February 2015

Athens IP Court recognises that 'Vara' shoe buckle is famous trademark

The Athens IP Court has held that the 'Vara' shoe buckle, which has been closely associated with shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo for more than 30 years, has become a famous trademark in Greece. Although there had been no instances of consumer confusion in this case, the court held that the defendant had enjoyed gains deriving from the unfair exploitation of the fame, repute and distinctive character of the 'Vara' buckle.

01 August 2014

Court finds likelihood of confusion between 'fuci-' marks

The Athens Administrative Court of First Instance has reversed a decision of the Administrative Trademark Committee in which the latter had rejected an opposition by the owner of several marks sharing the prefix 'fuci-' against the registration of the mark FUCIRICIN. Among other things, the court held that there was a risk of confusion in the sense that consumers may associate the goods sold under the later mark with the owner of the earlier marks.

26 June 2014

Supreme Court issues landmark decision on scope of protection of famous marks

In <I>LOGO AE v CISA SpA</I>, the Supreme Court has held that the famous LOGO mark was not protected against use of the sign CISA LOGO LINE for non-competing goods. This is a landmark decision because, up to now, famous trademarks were protected against any non-competing uses, irrespective of the similarity of the goods or services at issue.

16 June 2014

adidas awarded significant amount of damages in counterfeit sunglasses case

In a case involving counterfeit sunglasses, the Athens Single-Member First Instance Civil Court has upheld an action filed by adidas AG against an importing company and its managing director on the grounds of trademark infringement and unfair competition. Among other things, the court ordered the defendants to jointly pay adidas the amount of €30,000 plus legal interest in compensation for moral damage.

12 March 2014

Court finds likelihood of confusion between 'beta' pharma marks

The Athens Three-Member Administrative Court of First Instance has reversed a decision of the Administrative Trademark Committee finding that there was no likelihood of confusion between Phoenix Pharm’s mark BETASID and Mundipharma AG’s mark BETADINE, which both covered Class 5 goods. Among other things, the court noted that both marks shared the prefix 'beta', which was used by Mundipharma in a series of CTMs.

18 October 2013

Foreign expression held to have distinctive character

The Administrative Court of First Instance has reversed a decision of the Administrative Trademark Committee in which the latter had refused to register the mark COMPAGNIA DELL’ ARABICA for coffee on the grounds that it lacked distinctive character. Among other things, the court found that the foreign expression '<i>compagnia dell’ Arabica</i>' was not widely known among the average Greek consumers.

20 May 2013

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