Region: Greece

Trademark procedures and strategies: Greece

Featured in World Trademark Review Yearbook 2017/2018

Any individual or legal entity may file for the registration of trademarks, while clubs and associations may apply for the registration of collective trademarks. In case of more than one applicant, a common representative must be appointed.

29 March 2017

Litigation procedures and strategies: Greece

Featured in Trademark Litigation 2017: A Global Guide

The main legislative texts governing trademarks in Greece are Law 4072/2012 (as amended by Law 4155/2013) (Articles 121 to 196), and Law 146/1914 (as amended by Law 3784/2009) on unfair competition.

13 December 2016

GNETWORK infringes Google marks: court finds bad faith

The Athens Administrative Court has held that the national registration for GNETWORK was filed in bad faith and intended to take advantage of Google’s notoriety, thereby running the risk of weakening its distinctive power. The court reversed the decision of the Administrative Trademark Committee, accepted the recourse and ordered the cancellation of GNETWORK from the register.

08 December 2016

Protecting and enforcing design rights: Greece

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Industrial designs in Greece may be protected at the international, EU and national levels. Registered international designs with Greece as a designated state have the same effect as a valid national registration. Registered Community designs are automatically valid in Greece. Unregistered designs are also protected in Greece under EU law.

24 November 2016

EUIPO affirms opposition rejection in trademark dispute over use of barcodes

The Appeal Division of the EU Intellectual Property Office has upheld the decision to reject the Greek Association of Businesses for the Management of International GS1 Standards' opposition filed against the use of a barcode trademark.

26 October 2016

EU customs seizures skyrocketed in 2015; concerns raised that counterfeit issue being ‘massively underestimated’

The European Commission’s latest annual report into EU customs enforcement has found that the level of suspected counterfeit articles detained by authorities rose by 15% year-on-year, with the number of applications for action up by a startling 59% across the same time period. While the estimated value of the detailed articles totals nearly €650 million, one expert claims the report could be massively underestimating the scope of the problem.

03 October 2016

RED BULL mark held to be famous

Red Bull GmbH, the manufacturer and supplier of the famous Red Bull Energy Drink, has filed an opposition in Greece against the trademark application ‘Τρελός Ταύρος’ (CRAZY BULL) and device, based on the mark RED BULL and device number 125.623, also invoking a series of its other BULL/RED BULL marks.

31 August 2016


Featured in Anti-counterfeiting 2016 – A Global Guide

Seizures and detentions of counterfeit goods continued to be significant in Greece in 2015, with a significant increase in counterfeiting activity with regard to cigarettes and spirits.

27 April 2016

eBay prevails in trademark opposition

US company eBay Inc has successfully opposed the registration of E-MARKET E-BAY HELLAS because of its similarity to its own EBAY marks.

09 March 2016

Trademark owners benefit from new Civil Procedure Rules

The new Civil Procedure Rules have significantly expedited trademark infringement proceedings by setting stricter, more clearly defined timeframes; reducing the number of cases in which witnesses are heard in court; and restricting the opportunity to obtain postponements without genuinely good cause.

05 February 2016

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