Region: Greece

PROFIL refusal overturned

The Administrative Court of First Instance of Athens has overturned a Trademark Committee decision to refuse registration of PROFIL for goods in Class 5 of the Nice Classification. The court held that the mark was not confusingly similar to a prior registered PROFILATE mark for goods in the same class.

14 April 2004

adidas wins case against three-stripe mark infringer

The Athens Court of First Instance has granted injunctive relief to adidas-Salomon AG against a local company selling shoes adorned with parallel stripes. The court found that the use of stripes similar to the well-known adidas mark was detrimental to adidas in terms of lost sales and tarnished reputation.

25 June 2003

New '.gr' system draws line between domain names and trademarks

The National Telecommunications and Post Commission has issued a decision that will introduce a new regulatory framework for the management of '.gr' domain names. The framework, expected to be in force by the end of the year, will draw a clear line between the rights assigned to holders of domain names and trademarks.

27 May 2003

Committee prevents national registration of Community marks

The Greek Trademarks Committee has ruled that Community trademarks cannot subsequently be registered as national trademarks because owners of Community marks have no legitimate reason to also register in Greece.

27 March 2003

Greek court sets cybersquatting precedent

For the first time, a Greek court has held that the legitimate owner of a trademark may not be entitled to register a domain name containing that mark. The result hinges on whether there is a competitive relationship between the disputing parties.

11 September 2001

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