Region: Germany

Another blow for Lindt & Sprüngli in its efforts to protect its golden bunny

In a further illustration of the difficulties of registering abstract colours as trademarks, the court of appeal of Munich has held that the golden colour of Lindt & Sprüngli’s chocolate bunny had not acquired the necessary level of reputation to be eligible for trademark protection.

12 October 2020

QAnon™ – the global efforts to trademark a far-right movement

New investigation finds trademark applications around the world related to the controversial QAnon movement, with one applicant revealing an ambitious plan to launch a global brand to “plant trees and save the oceans”.

30 September 2020

Brands less important to consumers demanding social improvements, report reveals

Brandwatch has released the results of a survey of consumer perception on brand purpose in the light of the coronavirus pandemic.

29 September 2020

German domestic trademark activity improves as economy is touted for recovery

As reports emerge that German exports will drop as the country reduces its interaction with the global market, domestic trademark filings are increasing at an above average rate for the European Union.

03 September 2020

Economies are battered but many major offices set for record trademark numbers

As the data continues to be updated, we are able to get a better understanding of the extent of the coronavirus’ impact on the trademark ecosystem.

28 August 2020

Decade-long chocolate dispute ends: Ritter Sport keeps trademark for square-shaped chocolate

The German Federal Court of Justice has brought an end to a longstanding dispute between two well-known chocolate manufacturers and decided (again) that Ritter Sport may retain its 3D mark for chocolate packaging.

21 August 2020

Enforcement data reveals destination shift for counterfeits originating in China

The true scope of the illicit trade of fake goods is hard to define, but analysis by Rouse indicates that Southeast Asia is a fast-rising hotspot.

07 August 2020

How should authors utilise trademarks to protect their literary works: the European perspective

In the second of this two-part piece, we speak to legal experts to explore the role that trademarks could play in the fight against book piracy in Europe.

07 August 2020

Reform of the Trademark Act transposing Directive 2015/2436: key amendments and new possibilities

Following the reform of the Trademark Act (the second part of which came into effect on 20 May 2020), national trademarks may become a more attractive prospect for applicants developing their portfolio strategies.

07 July 2020

Mysterious Chinese entity sits atop USPTO top filers list, alongside Everglades College, Marvel and Walmart

This data deep dive explores US filing strategies by country, revealing that Chinese applicants increasingly favour direct applications while European-based businesses continue to utilise the WIPO route.

17 June 2020

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