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Abstract golden colour of Lindt & Sprüngli’s chocolate bunny enjoys trademark protection after all

The Germany Federal Supreme Court has overturned a decision of the High Court of Munich and held that the golden colour of Lindt & Sprüngli’s Easter chocolate bunny enjoys protection as a colour mark, even without a trademark registration.

16 August 2021

Gold for the win – Supreme Court upholds protection for Lindt bunny

Recent supreme court decision confirming Lindt’s non-registered trademark rights in Germany for its gold bunny paves the way for enforcement against third-party infringements.

12 August 2021

Success for Lindt & Sprüngli; USPTO celebrates Lanham Act anniversary; Philippines joins TMclass – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Scamadviser announcing a new member, Ebro Foods looking to offload more brands, the UK government setting out its innovation strategy, and much more.

30 July 2021


Featured in World Trademark Review Yearbook 2021/2022

The following are enforceable in Germany: German trademarks, EU trademarks and German trademarks based on international registrations, names and non-registered trade designations.

29 July 2021

Why paralegals could be doing so much more for your in-house team: CSL Behring reveals all

WTR sits down with lead counsel trademarks Frank Schöne-de la Nuez and paralegal Anabela Mendes de Oliveira to hear how global biotech leader CSL Behring nurtures a paralegal team that goes above and beyond its traditional remit.

22 July 2021

RETROLYMPICS: a trademark under fire

A trademark originally rejected by the German PTO and opposed by the International Olympic Committee is currently before the German Federal Patent Court. In-depth analysis explores why the case has been so difficult and what can be learnt.

22 July 2021

Business savvy or abuse of rights – knowing whether well-known trademarks are up for the taking

The Regional Court of Munich has ruled that a German trademark registration that is identical to a Ferrero/Nestlé mark covering similar goods for Butterfinger chocolate bars outside Germany was not filed in bad faith – opening the door for applicants to copy well-known marks.

08 July 2021

One in five consumers would boycott brand after mistaken counterfeit purchase, report finds

A new report on counterfeiting in the beauty and personal care industry reveals some worrying statistics on consumer awareness of fake goods online, highlighting the dangers to both customer safety and brand reputation.

29 June 2021

WATER FRSH and CDY MLN – can ‘disemvoweling’ help to overcome descriptiveness or non-distinctiveness objections?

A recent German Federal Patent Court judgment shines a light on the new trend of omitting vowels from registered words – and whether this could help to avoid objections of descriptiveness or non-distinctiveness.

10 June 2021

Innovation at the German Patent and Trademark Office: spotlight on cutting-edge tools and services

In exclusive insights, the German Patent and Trademark Office reveals the innovative non-core tools and services that it offers trademark users.

31 May 2021

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