Region: European Union

General Court confirms likelihood of confusion between POLO CLUB marks

The similarities between the marks, in particular phonetically and conceptually, could not be offset by the existence of visual differences.

28 June 2022

“The exchange of data is essential”: EUIPO head on enforcement efforts

Christian Archambeau, executive director of the EUIPO, expands on the future of the office’s enforcement tools and offerings.

27 June 2022

ALLMAX NUTRITION v ALLNUTRITION: General Court finds likelihood of confusion based on weakly distinctive shared component

The weak distinctive character of an element, due to its descriptive meaning, does not necessarily imply that this element is negligible in the overall impression.

24 June 2022

With trademark conflicts on the rise, General Court takes more lenient approach to use requirement

The decision confirms that trademark holders have a variety of flexible means at their disposal to show genuine use.

22 June 2022

Losing the THINK DIFFERENT marks - if only Apple had ‘thought differently’

The decision shows that it is crucial for trademark owners to review and retain evidence of trademark use on an ongoing basis.

20 June 2022

Register Tracker Europe and US: January-April 2022

Featured in Prosecution

Application numbers have continued to fall at major North American and European trademark registries this year. But the rate of decline could be slowing, new data suggests.

17 June 2022

CJEU considers whether warning letter is sufficient to terminate acquiescence

In a reference for a preliminary ruling brought by the German Federal Court of Justice, the Court of Justice of the European Union has interpreted the EU rules concerning the loss of rights due to acquiescence by a trademark owner.

15 June 2022

Counterfeits on the rise: young people flocked to fakes during covid-19 pandemic, EUIPO finds

A new study from the EUIPO has revealed a significant increase in the number of young people aged 15 to 24 in Europe intentionally buying counterfeit products.

08 June 2022

INTA sides with COVIDIOT in amicus brief on morality and freedom of speech

INTA has filed an amicus brief before the EUIPO Grand Board of Appeal, proposing a three-step test for when a trademark is contrary to accepted principles of morality under Article 7(1)f of the EU Trademark Regulation.

06 June 2022

General Court rules on complementarity between goods in Classes 3 and 5

While the goods covered by the mark applied for in Class 3 differed from those covered by the earlier mark in Class 5 due to the latter’s therapeutic indication, they shared the same objective and were likely to incorporate the same ingredients.

27 May 2022

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