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How the EUIPO is shaping IP professionals for the world of today and tomorrow

In this guest article, the EUIPO expands on its educational, professional development and knowledge-sharing efforts, including efforts to enhance its virtual and physical campus.

15 March 2022

CODY’S v CODE-X: General Court considers visual and aural perception of marks in beverages sector

There was no evidence to suggest that the relevant public would buy the goods at issue in conditions such that the phonetic similarity between the marks would carry more weight than the visual or conceptual similarity in the assessment of the likelihood of confusion.

11 March 2022

Local counterfeit production is on the rise, harming EU economy, Europol report warns

A growing number of counterfeit goods, including fake pharmaceutical products, are being manufactured in the European Union, a joint report by Europol and the EUIPO warns.

09 March 2022

ANDORRA is devoid of distinctive character, rules General Court

The General Court confirmed that the sign would be perceived as designating the geographical origin of the goods and services at issue, or as the place where those services were provided.

07 March 2022

How Brexit and covid-19 disruptions contributed to an increase in product recalls across Europe

Brexit and the covid-19 pandemic created significant disruptions in both the EU and UK markets last year. With that in mind, new research has signposted a number of product safety and brand reputation risks that companies operating in Europe should prepare for now.

03 March 2022

Hetec v Heitec: General Court provides primer on time limits and proof of genuine use

The key issues in these cancellation proceedings were the admissibility of the evidence submitted late to the EUIPO to demonstrate the genuine use of the mark HEITEC, and the probatory value of such evidence.

25 February 2022

Truth Social: Trump's global launch plan could face EU legal hurdle

WTR can reveal two registered trademarks for TRUTH SOCIAL, with one legal expert claiming they “could be an obstacle” if the platform rolls out to European users.

23 February 2022

Good news for Beiersdorf as General Court confirms likelihood of confusion between CCLABELLE and LABELLO

The General Court agreed with the EUIPO that there was a likelihood of confusion for goods in Classes 3 and 16, at least when the reputation of the earlier mark for lip care products was taken into account.

23 February 2022

General Court confirms likelihood of confusion between TEAM BEVERAGE and TEAM

The decision shows that there is room for broad interpretations in trademark cases, which may lead to surprising results.

22 February 2022

General Court confirms likelihood of confusion due to high similarity between earlier mark and co-dominant element in contested mark

The conclusion that there was a likelihood of confusion in the minds of the relevant public was further reinforced by the fact that the relevant public may perceive the contested sign as an ‘umbrella’ mark.

18 February 2022

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