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Counterfeit hotspots in France that brand owners must be aware of

In a new addition to our long-running series on physical marketplaces that reportedly engage in the trade of counterfeit goods, we head to France.

13 October 2022

Trademark-intensive industries contribute the most to EU economy, but wages lag behind

Trademark-intensive industries contribute significantly to GDP and employment in the EU, according to a new report by the EUIPO and EPO. However, professionals in those industries may be underpaid relative to their economic contribution.

12 October 2022

COMPAL v COPAL TREE: figurative element decisive in assessment of conceptual similarity

The General Court agreed that a significant part of the relevant public would find a conceptual identity between the figurative element of the earlier mark and the word ‘tree’ in the mark applied for.

12 October 2022

CITMA urges UK government to resolve “critical” post-Brexit representation issues

Unqualified foreign representatives before the UKIPO have become a “critical problem that requires immediate attention”, CITMA has warned the UK government in a new campaign urging legislative change.

12 October 2022

Members of Norwegian rock band Hjerteslag not entitled to keep trademark registration for band name

In this dispute between vocalist Robert Eidevik and four other members of rock band Hjerteslag, the NIPO has concluded that all band members were joint owners of the acquired trademark rights to the band name.

11 October 2022

General Court confirms that BLACK IRISH is descriptive for beverages

The sign as a whole was descriptive in relation to beverages, as it simply informed the relevant public as to their colour and geographical origin.

07 October 2022

Anti-monopoly authority sets unfair competition test in GLOBUS dispute

In this dispute over the trademark GLOBUS for glue, the authority has considered a range of factors based on competition law, which may be regarded as an unfair competition test.

07 October 2022

Warning shot fired over document quality in trademark submissions

In a new drive for improved standards, the Polish Patent Office has written to IP attorneys to highlight the fact that much documentation submitted to it is of poor visual quality. This is not only troublesome for examiners but can affect the outcome of a case.

06 October 2022

Russian IP Court upholds finding of confusion in product mixing case

Russia’s specialist IP court has finally resolved a case involving the issue of confusion when different products are introduced into circulation together. The decision provides welcome clarity in this contradictory area.

06 October 2022

Top tips for registering colour marks in Serbia

Whereas trademarks consisting of multiple colours are relatively easy to register, single-colour marks may only acquire distinctiveness through use. Serious and long-term use needs to precede such an application in order for it to be successful.

06 October 2022

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