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EUIPO and KIPO ranked most innovative IP offices in the world

In newly-released exclusive research, the EU and Korean IP offices have been named as the most innovative IP agencies in the world.

05 January 2022

Next level collaboration: an exclusive inside look at the European Union Intellectual Property Network

To coincide with the latest WTR special report, we share exclusive insights from Christian Archambeau, executive director of the EUIPO, on the continued development of the EUIPN.

05 January 2022

WTR’s annual IP Office Innovation Ranking reveals the trademark agencies at the cutting edge

Featured in Special Report 2021 Q4: Next generation innovation at IP offices

Our key findings from this year’s exclusive research project analysing the noncore tools and services offered by the world’s top 60 IP offices shows positive momentum – but there is still much to be done to close the innovation gap.

05 January 2022

Champagne, lipstick, energy drinks: the five most-read Legal Updates of the year

An EU General Court decision concerning use of the colour orange in relation to champagne tops the list of 2021's most-read Legal Updates.

31 December 2021

Why cooperation and public outreach is key for expanding innovation at IP offices

In a unique preview of an upcoming WTR Special Report, we present three exclusive extracts from major trademark office leaders on how they are using public outreach and collaboration to further their message.

30 December 2021

Trademark procedures and strategies: Germany

Featured in World Trademark Review Yearbook 2017/2018

The following are enforceable in Germany: German trademarks, EU trademarks, German trademarks based on international registrations, names and non-registered trade designations. German trademarks are governed by the Trademark Act, which implements the EU Trademark Directive (89/104/EEC) and the Regulation on Trademark-Related Administrative Proceedings.

27 December 2021

One in 10 consumers convinced to buy fake goods by social media influencers, UKIPO study finds

Social media influencers have a significant impact on counterfeit purchasing decisions, swaying 10% of UK consumers to buy counterfeit goods, a new study by the UK Intellectual Property Office reveals.

23 December 2021

UKIPO CEO on Brexit and other challenges: a year in trademarks

UK Intellectual Property Office CEO Tim Moss discusses getting the legwork done in the face of Brexit, while transforming office services around the needs of the customer.

21 December 2021


Featured in Trademark Litigation: A Global Guide 2022

Trademark law, rules and regulations Trademarks in Greece are regulated by Law 4679/2020, which implements the EU Trademark Directive 2015/2436 and the EU Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Directive (2004/48).

20 December 2021


Featured in Trademark Litigation: A Global Guide 2022

The relevant legislation for trademark litigation is primarily the Law on Trademarks (6/2020), as it lists possible actions and other procedural particularities, such as available injunction measures and the securing of evidence. Other national laws that apply directly to trademark litigation include:

20 December 2021

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