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Moon boots: famous but not distinctive

This decision of the General Court highlights that the issue of whether a mark has a reputation is not relevant with regard to the examination of distinctive character.

07 February 2022

“Renewed ambition” – UKIPO outlines bold new IP crime and infringement strategy

The UKIPO has released ambitious plans to combat IP crime over the next five years, including a pledge to establish a national centre dedicated to analysing IP infringement.

04 February 2022

M&S and Aldi end caterpillar war; stylised .SUCKS registration denied; TPAC chair on new role – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at lessons from a brand with a well-loved logo, Peanuts eyeing the Indian market, the Pakistan IP office signing an e-payment agreement, and much more.

04 February 2022

1ST AMERICAN in second round before the General Court

This is the second decision of the General Court in opposition proceedings against the registration of a mark consisting of the word element ‘1st American’ and the representation of an eagle.

04 February 2022

Battle of MERCURY in trademark and passing-off dispute

This dispute between rival equestrian products companies highlights that it is crucial for businesses to obtain trademark registrations for their brands as early as possible.

04 February 2022

General Court provides reminder that genuine use requirement is not intended to assess commercial success

The turnover and the volume of sales of goods under a trademark cannot be assessed in absolute terms, but must be looked at in relation to other relevant factors.

03 February 2022

Court of Appeal rules once again in favour of trademark holders following annulment of prior acquittal

The Madrid Court of Appeal has again sided with the trademark holders in a case involving the sale of garments bearing well-known marks at a Madrid fair.

03 February 2022

Nintendo successfully blocks access to websites hosting infringing content

Nintendo has obtained an injunction against six internet service providers to prevent illegal downloads after a judge held that the website in question was infringing its trademarks and copyright

03 February 2022

Decision has implications for English-language marks in Poland

The Supreme Administrative Court has upheld a decision by the PPO that the Polish population has a generally high level of proficiency in English, therefore rejecting a word mark application for CANNABI OIL

03 February 2022

GI battle lines harden as USTR submissions call for US to act over EU efforts to “throttle competition”

The Consortium for Common Food Names has called on the US government to do more to proactively secure “firm and explicit commitments” from trading partners on the treatment of geographical indications and common names.

02 February 2022

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