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Change of leadership at Rospatent: what are the implications?

The Russian IP office has seen changes at the top of the organisation, with the former head moving to the Eurasian Patent Office.

22 February 2022

General Court confirms likelihood of confusion due to high similarity between earlier mark and co-dominant element in contested mark

The conclusion that there was a likelihood of confusion in the minds of the relevant public was further reinforced by the fact that the relevant public may perceive the contested sign as an ‘umbrella’ mark.

18 February 2022

EUIPO celebrates record-breaking filing year, but 2022 could begin downward trend

With the numbers now in, the EUIPO is the latest office to reflect on a record-breaking year, with almost 200,000 EU trademark applications received in 2021.

17 February 2022

High Court gives short shrift to request for stay of injunction for rebranding

In what may ultimately be perceived as a strategic coup ─ despite refusing a 21-week stay of injunction to facilitate rebranding by VAGISAN following a finding of infringement ─ the High Court has granted a three-week stay, pending the outcome of an application for permission to appeal

17 February 2022

European Commission report gives ‘.eu’ a clean bill of health

Negative growth in 2019, which resulted from the saturation and consolidation of the domain name market, as well as the impact of Brexit, was offset by positive growth subsequent to the rise in demand for domain names during the covid-19 pandemic.

17 February 2022

Register Tracker Europe and US: September-December 2021

Featured in Prosecution

The latest WTR register tracker examines filing trends in the United States, Canada, the EUIPO, the United Kingdom, France and Germany between September and December 2021.

16 February 2022

Battle of the Spartans! Double victory for Spartan Race Inc’s application for revocation

The case highlights that, if a party is deemed to have shown poor conduct in UKIPO proceedings, there is a risk that off-scale costs will be awarded.

16 February 2022

Good news for Mattel as General Court upholds decision to invalidate dolls head design

This decision confirms that commercial or aesthetic considerations are irrelevant to the assessment of the designer's freedom in creating a design.

15 February 2022

Water purifier design decision: sometimes a resin bag is just a resin bag…

This case highlights the approach taken by the EUIPO and the General Court in examining invalidity actions on the ground that the features of a design are dictated solely by their technical function.

11 February 2022

How to mitigate undue seizure risk when shipping marked goods to the Balkans

An annual Customs surveillance petition for trademark owners can offer various benefits for trademark owners shipping goods across international borders

10 February 2022

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