Region: Europe

General Court overturns Board of Appeal decision in TAXMAN v TAXMARC case

The Board of Appeal of the EUIPO committed a manifest error of assessment in rejecting PricewaterhouseCoopers Belastingadviseurs NV’s request for a suspension of proceedings.

20 May 2022

Criminal court requires defendant to pay bond of over €1.5 million during preliminary investigation phase

Although other criminal courts have used this measure in similar circumstances, setting the defendant a bond in order to meet any possible financial liabilities is still rather unusual.

20 May 2022

SMARTTHINQ v SMARTTHING, or the importance of word elements in disputes involving figurative trademarks

The decision confirms the factors to be taken into consideration in comparing figurative marks containing word elements.

19 May 2022

Maritime and Commercial Court considers requirements to establish trademark rights by commencement of use

As the mark at issue was found to have limited distinctive character, a significant marketing effort would have been necessary in order to obtain protection as a trademark.

18 May 2022

McDonald’s cites brand values as motive for Russia exit, but seeks to retain rights

McDonald’s has revealed that it is to sell its Russian business, having previously paused operations in the country following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

17 May 2022

Online anti-counterfeiting strategies in Malta that brand owners must be aware of

In the next instalment of our regular series identifying the digital marketplaces that brand owners should monitor, we head to the European island nation of Malta.

16 May 2022

AMSTERDAM POPPERS: when a city’s notoriety renders a trademark descriptive

The decision serves as a reminder of the criteria for the assessment of descriptive character, especially when a sign contains a geographical designation.

16 May 2022

Collapse in brand loyalty calls for refocus on values

The cost-of-living crisis means that an increasing number of UK consumers are prioritising saving money above shopping with their favourite brands. Clear brand values are the only way to survive the upheaval.

14 May 2022

Good news for trademark owners as IGE changes its practice concerning trademarks containing geographical indications

The new practice will result in a simplified procedure for many trademark owners.

13 May 2022

WIPO temporarily suspends ‘.ua’-DRP proceedings

The ‘.ua’-DRP administrative proceedings will resume once the martial law regime is lifted in Ukraine.

13 May 2022

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