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Prosecco recognised in New Zealand; Better Call Saul trademark dispute; EUIPO new API platform – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the Delhi High Court restraining a manufacturer for infringing a trademark owned by Cadbury, and much more.

05 August 2022

Milan court admits parent company's liability for infringement and allows INDICAM’s participation in relevant trials

This landmark decision establishes the liability of the parent company, not only for the damages caused, but also for the restitution of the profits made by its subsidiaries.

05 August 2022

General Court: Board of Appeal failed to examine links between parties in order to assess bad faith

The Board of Appeal ruled out the existence of bad faith without taking account of the relevant factors specific to the particular case - which, had they been taken into account, might have changed its assessment.

04 August 2022

IP Court clarifies criteria for assessing distinctive marks

The IP Court has overruled Rospatent with regard to the strength of visual elements of particular word marks, highlighting the subjective nature of assessment and the importance of visually distinctive branding.

04 August 2022

Is it possible to register country names as trademarks?

After six years in wait, the EUIPO’s Grand Board is now examining an invalidation motion filed by the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs against the British supermarket chain Iceland.

04 August 2022

LA IRLANDESA - a tale of ‘buttery’ bad faith

The General Court confirmed that, at the date of application, the trademark owner “intended to trade unfairly to transfer the advantage derived from the association with Ireland to goods not having that geographical origin”.

03 August 2022

Reckitt rebrand shows power of business connectivity

We hear how a broader business perspective helped the Reckitt brand protection team juggle a major company rebrand, anti-counterfeiting efforts during the pandemic and ongoing global portfolio management to become WTR's 2022 Household and Consumer Goods Team of the Year.

02 August 2022

Industry, law enforcement mount effort to block late loophole in EU cybersecurity directive

Multiple stakeholders are seeking to block late-added language in the EU’s new cybersecurity directive, arguing it will fragment and impair their efforts to fight cybercrime.

02 August 2022

Transit of counterfeit goods: a Turkish perspective

In 2020 the Criminal General Assembly of the Supreme Court issued a landmark precedent on the issue of whether goods in transit may constitute trademark infringement under the relevant legislation. It is expected that the courts will follow this precedent in a recent case.

02 August 2022

How team camaraderie spurs FIFA’s success

FIFA's focus on talent, flexibility and commercial awareness put it top of the league as WTR's 2022 Europe, Middle East and Africa Team of the Year.

01 August 2022

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