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How evolving regulations are affecting trademark registrations related to NFTS and virtual goods and services in 2023

The publishing of the latest edition of the Nice Classification on 1 January 2023 provides clarity for applicants by highlighting disparities among the Scandinavian approaches to navigating trademark registration in digital marketplaces.

13 April 2023

Brazil and Denmark pledge IP cooperation; Russia expands parallel imports list; ‘.forum’ TLD to relaunch – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at ICANN kicking off its CEO search, Lego facing a copyright and trademark suit against an independent fashion artist, and much more.

17 March 2023

Why colour marks in Denmark are so difficult to register

Among EU member states, Denmark is a particularly challenging jurisdiction in which to register single colour marks. Its high threshold for registration challenges applicants to provide solid evidence to demonstrate the need to protect a particular colour.

09 February 2023

Legislators propose targeting commercial image manipulation in Denmark

Entertainment, marketing and brand management professionals are bracing for impact as legislators propose full disclosure of photo enhancement for commercial use.

10 November 2022


A recent case demonstrates the complicated practice surrounding the scope of protection of company names, trademarks and business identifiers. Even though the mark LEGALTECH was considered descriptive of a wide range of services, and not used commercially, it was still found to be protected against very similar company names.

23 August 2022

Scandinavian music streaming success is losing out to NFT sales

Musicians are increasingly entering the metaverse to distribute their work, using NFTs as the vehicle for doing so. With huge money involved, the music industry may be at the forefront of a new era, and IP and entertainment lawyers will need to be on their toes.

09 June 2022

Maritime and Commercial Court considers requirements to establish trademark rights by commencement of use

As the mark at issue was found to have limited distinctive character, a significant marketing effort would have been necessary in order to obtain protection as a trademark.

18 May 2022

Why Scandinavian companies have been quick to adopt NFTs

Vast sums of capital are being poured into IP protection in the NFT space, however, infringement is rife, the legislation is still vague and there is no formal dispute resolution process. The time is ripe for trademark-owning companies to incorporate NFTs into their existing IP and branding strategies.

12 May 2022

Who owns the trademark GYRO for lighting apparatus in Denmark?

At issue in this case was whether use-based trademark rights to GYRO had been established by one party prior to the other party’s registration of the mark, and whether the trademark application had been filed in bad faith.

04 March 2022

Are VITAYUMMY and YUMMI GUMMI confusingly similar?

This dispute between rival companies in the gummy vitamins sector shows the additional flexibility provided by an assessment under the Danish Marketing Practices Act.

13 December 2021

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