Region: Czech Republic

NIC issues new rules to keep cybersquatters in Czech

Czech NIC has introduced a new system of alternative dispute resolution. Under the new rules a third party will be able to file an action concerning a disputed domain name with the Arbitration Court of the Economic Chamber, even if the domain name's owner does not agree to it.

04 October 2004

Czech Republic adopts new Trademark Act

The Czech Republic has adopted a new Trademark Act, which is set to come into force on April 1 2004. The new act will bring Czech trademark law in line with the Community Trademark Directive in time for the Czech Republic's accession to the European Union on May 1 2004.

02 February 2004

'.cz' domain registrar decentralizes to defeat cybersquatters

Czech NIC has moved to a multi-provider system in order to offer registrants of '.cz' domain names a choice of registrars. It is hoped that the new system will avoid the problems of misallocated registration and renewal payments that have led to domain names being lost to cybersquatters with worrying regularity.

21 January 2004

Amended law protects trademark owners against counterfeiters

The Czech government has amended its intellectual property law in order to provide trademark owners with better protection against imports of counterfeit goods. The amended law allows customs authorities to determine whether goods are counterfeit and, in undisputed cases, have the goods destroyed.

24 January 2003

Court takes softly-softly approach in cybersquatting first

A recently granted injunction is the first decision of a Czech court concerning a domain name dispute. While the court did not consider whether a domain name registration breaches trademark rights, it did state that trademarks take precedence over domain names.

16 October 2001

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