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Five counterfeit hotspots in the Czech Republic that brand owners must be aware of

Featured in Physical marketplace counterfeit hotspots

In another edition of our regular series on marketplaces across the world that reportedly engage in the trade of counterfeits, we head to the Central European nation of the Czech Republic.

26 November 2019

Making the right choice: an A-Z of EU trademark court practice and performance

In the first of our five-part series, trademark counsel from law firms across Europe provide an overview of the performance of their countries’ EU trademark courts over the past two years.

23 August 2018

Czech IPO president urges stronger action against trademark invoice scams

01 November 2017

“Not bloody easy” – Czech IPO president urges EU Commission and IP5 to take stronger action against trademark invoice scams

Czech Republic Industrial Property Office President Josef Kratochvil has issued a strong warning about the “very dangerous” activities of entities sending fraudulent solicitations.

20 September 2017

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and party to the following multilateral international treaties concerning trademark protection:

18 September 2015

New customs regulations will strengthen fight against counterfeiting

The Czech Republic has introduced a new set of rules regulating customs measures, which will enable IP right holders to combat counterfeiting more effectively on the internal market. Among other things, for Czech Customs to be able to detain suspected counterfeit goods within the country’s borders, trademark holders must file a separate application for intra-border customs watch.

10 April 2015

Lego obtains interim injunction against Czech Pirate Party

LEGO has obtained a preliminary injunction ordering the Czech Pirate Party to remove a video from its official campaign media. The video in question showed two Lego figurines representing “influential businessmen with government connections” throwing their money into a lake; Lego claimed copyright and trademark infringement.

01 March 2013

'.cz' TLD records millionth registered domain name

CZ.NIC, the organisation responsible for servicing and maintaining '.cz', the Czech top-level domain, has announced that it had registered the one millionth '.cz' domain name, thus becoming the 12th 'millionaire' among the EU member states. Statistics published by CZ.NIC last year showed that the majority of registered domain names are owned by individuals.

16 January 2013

Registrar certification introduced for ‘.cz’ domain names

CZ NIC, the domain name registry in the Czech Republic, has announced that it is introducing registrar certification in order to provide registrants with greater confidence when registering ‘.cz’ domain names. During the past three years, CZ NIC has seen the number of companies offering domain name registration services triple in number.

19 October 2011

Public rejects IDNs for '.cz' domain names

In a public opinion survey for CZ NIC, the Czech Republic's domain name registry, the Czech public has surprisingly rejected the idea of internationalised domain names for '.cz' domain names. According to the results of the survey, 87% of organisations and 62% of internet users that responded objected to the introduction of IDNs.

17 January 2011

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