Region: Costa Rica

AI regulation in Costa Rica: exploring the implications for IP rights

A group of representatives from various political parties recently introduced a bill that aims to establish a regulatory framework for AI use.

04 July 2023

Costa Rica drifting towards legalisation of hemp and cannabis use - why businesses should secure trademark protection

Hemp and cannabis businesses should consider trademark issues at an early stage before venturing into this new market.

24 October 2022

Good news for trademark owners: Trademark Office to start issuing trademark certificates electronically

The Costa Rican Trademark Office is due to begin issuing trademark certificates electronically, which should make the registration process faster and less costly.

05 January 2022

IP offices should be “protagonists and agents of change” urges INAPI director after launch of new multinational IP and gender network

Chilean National Institute of Industrial Property Director Loreto Bresky calls for IP offices to increase collaboration and follow in the footsteps of the new Latin American Network of Intellectual Property and Gender.

07 July 2021

Gender pay gap reports a necessary diversity tool for Latin American law firms, experts urge

While most firms ensure that no specific role is paid differently due to gender, a gender pay gap report lays bare whether a firm has men over-represented in the highest-earning positions.

04 December 2020

“Firms wouldn’t even accept a woman’s CV”: challenging diversity in Latin American legal culture

Often, the diversity discussion is centred on the goals of firms based in North America or Western Europe. But the conversation is also growing in Central and South America.

12 November 2020

Trademarking national symbols in Costa Rica – what you need to know

An opinion issued by the Attorney General’s Office concludes that the Legislative Assembly is the competent authority to authorise the use of national symbols in trademarks. However, it falls short of detailing the relevant procedure for obtaining such authorisation.

24 July 2020

Key requirements for trademark licensing in Latin America and the Caribbean

When creating a regional licensing programme, understanding the nuances of the rules and regulations at jurisdictional level is key to success.

08 July 2020

Twenty counterfeiting hotspots to be aware of in Latin America

Although Asia is often seen as the centre of global counterfeiting activity, sales of fake goods are rising across Latin America. We present 20 markets in the region that are particularly problematic for brand owners.

02 January 2020

Good news for trademarks owners: trademark office may now issue declarations of notoriety

The Costa Rican trademark office’s Administrative Guideline DPI-0003-2019, which details the procedure for obtaining a declaration of notoriety of a mark, was recently published in the Official Gazette.

01 November 2019

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