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Register Tracker Latin America: January-April 2023

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Inbound filings at the Mexican and Brazilian trademark offices rose at the start of 2023, despite declining elsewhere in Latin America, WTR analysis uncovers.

19 June 2023

Legislation and IP policy watch: the current state of play (December 2022)

WTR’s monthly column tracking trademark and related policy developments, including the progress of major bills, from around the world.

01 December 2022

The incredible power of notorious trademarks against non-use cancellation

Although it was accepted that well-known marks will be treated differently in non-use cancellation actions, the notoriety of the mark THE INCREDIBLES was not demonstrated for the relevant goods.

18 November 2022

New resolution on coexistence of trademarks within the same business group

National Trademark Office of Colombia issues resolution, permitting the coexisting registration of similar trademarks for commercially related products or services, in the name of companies belonging to the same business group

23 August 2022

Colombia joins Practice CP3 regarding distinctiveness of word-and-device trademarks

A practice paper recently published by the National Trademark Office details the criteria for the examination of figurative marks containing descriptive/non-distinctive words.

19 July 2022

National Trademark Office changes approach to examination of competitive connection between Class 5 goods

The decision is significant as it considers the realities of the market for vaccines on the one hand, and for pharmaceutical products on the other.

04 May 2022

New trademark prosecution practice: additional evidence will not be accepted on appeal

Two resolutions recently issued by the National Trademark Office have changed the policy concerning the acceptance of evidence submitted on appeal.

07 February 2022

Dispute between Evacol and Crocs over famous clogs is far from over

The Andean Community Court has replied to questions submitted by a Colombian court in proceedings initiated by Crocs against Evacol pursuant to the commercialisation of clogs allegedly infringing its 3D trademark.

08 October 2021

QUINDIPAN not confusingly similar to appellation of origin ‘Café de Colombia’

The Colombian Coffee Growers’ Federation has failed to prevent the registration of QUINDIPAN in Classes 30 and 43. Its main argument was that ‘Quindi’ is similar to ‘Quindio’ - an area of great importance for coffee production in Colombia.

29 September 2021

IP offices should be “protagonists and agents of change” urges INAPI director after launch of new multinational IP and gender network

Chilean National Institute of Industrial Property Director Loreto Bresky calls for IP offices to increase collaboration and follow in the footsteps of the new Latin American Network of Intellectual Property and Gender.

07 July 2021

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