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Registrations double in Cayman Islands, Peppa Pig victory in China, and Aldi most trusted brand in Australia: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at China and Indonesia giving up the plain packaging fight, a Colin Kaepernick trademark application generating media buzz, why US colleges have been accused of trademark bullying, and much more.

<strong>Registrations double in Cayman Islands, Peppa Pig victory in China, and Aldi most trusted brand in Australia: news round-up</strong>


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8 Jul 2020

Key requirements for trademark licensing in Latin America and the Caribbean

When creating a regional licensing programme, understanding the nuances of the rules and regulations at jurisdictional level is key to success. Read more

2 Apr 2019

New design rights law: what you need to know

The Design Rights Bill 2019, which was published on 19 February 2019 and involves a modernisation of design right protection in the Cayman Islands, is due to replace the current design rights legislation. Read more

13 Jul 2017

Implementation date for new IP laws confirmed

New IP laws will enter into effect in the Cayman Islands on August 1 2017, including the Trademarks Law 2016 and the Trademarks Regulations 2017. Additional regulations are expected later this summer to establish officially how previously registered marks and pending applications will transition to the new regime, as the existing law and regulations do not address transitional provisions.

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8 Jun 2017

Going it alone: Cayman Islands to create local trademark registry, further calls to join Paris Convention

The new Cayman Islands trademarks law will be implemented on August 1, transforming how international brand owners attain protection in the Caribbean jurisdiction. 

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Enforcement and Litigation

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21 May 2015

Cayman Islands prepare for a trademark revolution

The government of the Cayman Islands is drawing up a new Trademarks Bill that will introduce a local register and offer an increased ability to enforce marks. One lawyer in the region has told <i>World Trademark Review</i> that the new bill will finally bring the country’s IP system into the 21st century, and could halt the trend of international businesses ignoring the Caymans in their brand protection efforts.

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