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FIFA releases 2026 IP guidelines; Meta and Christian Louboutin file joint suit; Grok domain infringement rife – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at a long-running AIG dispute concluding with a settlement, US Customs seizing copycat of a rare collectors’ watch, and much more.

28 November 2023

Canada: Winning Strategies for Litigating Before the Courts

Featured in The Trademark Litigation Review 2024

Canada has a robust trademark enforcement system with several available causes of action for aggrieved owners. While interlocutory injunctions are rarely granted, there are multiple other defences and actions that parties can take under the remit of Canadian law.

24 November 2023

Brand protection at the Canadian border: insights and strategies from the front line

In a new series exclusive to WTR, we take readers on a journey to understand the challenges of brand protection at the ports of entry in various countries. Our first stop: Canada.

09 October 2023

Why 2024 may finally be the year Canada turns the corner on its examination backlog

Canadian applicants may have cause to be hopeful, opines Deeth Williams Wall LLP’s Gary Daniel.

07 October 2023

Five minutes with… Haloo

WTR sits down with Haloo CEO Julie MacDonell to find out more about how the AI-powered search and registration platform has expanded and rebranded since she last spoke to us in May 2021.

14 August 2023

Power play: Federal Court’s decision in Energizer v Gillette narrows test for depreciation of goodwill in comparative advertising cases

The case is noteworthy in that it is one of only a few that have dissected Section 22 of the Trademarks Act.

28 July 2023

Canada: New Legislation Presents Fresh Challenges for Applicants

Featured in The Trademark Prosecution Review 2024

Since Canada’s legislative overhaul in 2019, practitioners, brand owners, the courts and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office have all had to adapt to various new challenges. Much like the country’s famous maple syrup, Canada’s trademark regime can be slow and sticky for the unwary. However, with the right tools, robust trademark protection is readily available.

30 June 2023

Register Tracker Europe and North America: January-April 2023

Featured in Trademark register tracker

UK applicants filed 10% more trademark applications abroad in the first four months of 2023 than they did at the end of last year, Fovea IP data shows.

08 June 2023

CIPO operations set to resume; Muzz loses dating app appeal; rise of the brand deinfluencers – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the USPTO expanding on its Green Energy Innovation Expo plans, the Japan Patent Office launching a YouTube Shorts series, and much more.

02 May 2023

Massive federal workers’ strike threatens further delays at Canada IP office

Trademark applicants in Canada may have to wait even longer for their applications to be examined after strike action impacts trademark operations at the IP office.

24 April 2023

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